Jun 26, 2013

Making our House a Home

Moving can be a drag, but with a new city comes a new home and new furniture! My boyfriend and I were able to find the perfect apartment, but the task of blending both our styles will be the next challenge. He likes industrial minimalism. I'm a fan of mid-century modern glam. Together, we've combined our styles to make what I'm calling rustic modern. I don't know if that's a real thing, but for all purposes we can rock with that label lol.

This past weekend we hit up a few stores to start sourcing pieces and figuring out the direction we'd like to go in. So far, it's looking like we'll be taking cues from the Pacific Northwest and incorporating a lot of earth tones and wood into our new place. Just a little background, we are moving into a very industrial loft (think cement floors and steel stairs lol), so we'll be relying on our furniture to warm up the place.

Has anyone else had to combine styles with their significant other? How'd the process go?

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