Jun 28, 2013

Birthday Dinner at Sky City Restaurant (@Space_Needle)

Last night I celebrated my birthday with dinner at Sky City Restaurant atop the Space Needle in Seattle. Coming from Chicago I'm used to tall buildings and expansive views, but seeing the views of Seattle from the Space Needle were truly breathtaking.

The gorgeous late night summer sunset (above picture was taken around 10p), the water views, mountains and downtown city lights worked together to create the perfect backdrop for dinner.

It's funny to me because everyone has said that Seattle is one of the most beautiful places in the summer and I must agree. What I saw last night brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I'm already emo... but looking at the beauty of the landscape... mountains in the distance... water... sky... city lights... it just made me feel so insanely blessed and highly favored!

Unlike most buildings, the elevator at the Space Needle is exposed to the outside, so the ride up allows you to take it all in from the start. I did get a little bit queasy as we neared the top, but it was so beautiful. Oh, also adding to the "wow" factor was the fact the restaurant rotates around 360 degrees! Yes, that also blew me away... I was all, "Babe, the ground is actually  moving!!" lol... such a tourist.

Short Video of my Night

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