Jun 24, 2013

Fremont Fest in Seattle

This weekend we were feeling somewhat spontaneous and decided to explore the city and check out the Fremont Fest. I had been told it was a hippie explosion of sorts, so I knew there would be a few "peace and love" naked bodies, as well as a celebration for the Summer Solstice. Armed with that information, I went in with an open mind.

The day was bright and sunny and thankfully I added a few shades of color to my skin. I live for tan lines and think it's the true mark of summer. We were able to explore the vendor booths, spotted some dope artwork by Justin Hillgrove that we plan on adding to our apartment, along with seeing a few naked bodies.

Even though I knew folks would be naked, it was still a bit of a shock to see an older guy walking his bike while covered in gold glitter dust. I mean, I giggled like a little kid, but seriously... dude had gold balls! A real life "gold member"...

All in all the weekend was enjoyable. Our 2nd weekend in Seattle can be marked as a success lol.

Started the morning off with Brunch at Skillet Diner then headed to the Fest

Dope artwork from artist Justin Hillgrove plus a cool cuff we found from a local designer

Naked bodies on bikes... very hippie 

more folks letting it all hang out

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