Dec 12, 2011

Brazilian Blowout Results on Natural Hair (Chicago)

Last year I wrote numerous posts raving about my experience getting the Brazilian Blowout on my natural, African American hair. It had been well over a year since my last treatment, mainly due to military life and all the moving, but I finally received my third treatment over the weekend.

The search to find a salon carrying the official Brazilian Blowout line was rather difficult, so when a girlfriend referred me to stylist Danyel Nicole I was in heaven. Danyel works at Lakshmi Hair Salon, a neighborhood spot nestled in East Pilsen.

My main  motivation for seeking out Danyel Nicole was 1) She used the official Brazilian Blowout product line and 2) She's familiar with black hair care, as a number of her clients are natural and 3) I was referred to her by a friend whose hair judgment I trust.

The actual Brazilian Blowout? I loved my results - - as I expected. Again, this was my third time getting the treatment done, and all three times have been using the original Brazilian Blowout formula - - NOT the "Zero" line they just released.. but the Original with the "trace amounts of formaldehyde". I wanted to stick with what I knew had already worked well for me. The only difference I noticed this time around were a few fumes, which I NEVER experienced with the lovely Kim @ Apricot Lounge Salon in Scottsdale, AZ. I had read some reviews where people complained about fumes, but my prior two times that never happened to me. This time I did sense a few, but didn't realize what it was until after the fact. It took a while to make the connection lol... Now, the fumes weren't something that overpowered me or really alarmed me, but in the sake of being honest with my readers I DID experience them for the first time, this third time. I believe this was due to Danyel Nicole's technique, or lack thereof if you will.

In comparison to the previous treatments I received, Kim took her time and worked her way through my hair. She wasn't overbooked or working under the gun, and therefore was able to really be neat with her application. On the other hand, I think Danyel Nicole provided me with the same overall amazeballs results, but her technique seemed a bit rushed and not as neat. I want to really phrase that carefully because she didn't have stuff all over the place or things dripping in my eye lol... not at all. She just worked really fast and I think slightly rushing through may have caused some of the fumes. With that said, I would still recommend Danyel as a stylist.

Once the treatment was done she blew my hair out using a technique with all of these round brushes. I had seen it on TV before, but thought it would tangle my hair. Well, it probably would if I was doing it lol... but Danyel worked her way through my hair with those brushes and the body I had was AMAZEBALLS!!! I would seriously go back to her for a regular wash/blowout ANY time. My hair was doing thangs. Yes, THANGS!! I had what Tyra Banks calls wind in the hair... when you walk and create your own wind. It was next level amazing.

If you talk to me in person about the Brazilian Blowout I may border on sounding like an infomercial lol, but the treatment really is that good. Example: Saturday night I ended up going out with friends to dinner, a bar, and then passing out on my girlfriend's couch. Any other time I would have woken up to a shrunken ball of yarn (aka my fro lol) but with the Brazilian Blowout I woke up with smooth, frizz free strands and was once again reminded of how much I love the treatment. Another reason why I love it? I can get my idea of blown out perfection using a round brush, no flat iron! Even my "after" pic below was using round brushes. Salon Fresh!

If you're interested in booking a consultation with Danyel you can reach her via phone (312-404-0853) or email. She's having a  $199 Brazilian Blowout special until the end of the year. Tell her I sent you :) No, seriously... tell her I sent you lol... I'm all about that referral life.

Arizona Folks: I still live for Kim Allison and the Apricot Lounge Salon. If you're in the valley, please book an appointment with Kim ASAP as her hands were dipped in the fountains of the Gods at Mt. Olympus lol... she's really that good! Salon #: 480-947-3833

Getting the treatment applied. You can see my hair in its natural state.

Blown out and getting treatment sealed in via flat iron

Finished product!!! Blow out with round brushes... 

Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email!


Anonymous said...

Not sure if my question posted earlier... But I wanted to know the difference between the two stylists' processes. You said Danyel used a round brush. What did Kim use? I really want to get this done, but that round brush is what has me the MOST hesitant. I blower my hair with the Denman brush/tension method, and it gets pretty straight before I flat iron it. Thanks in advance for any info you may be able to give me. Your hair looks fantastic!

Nawtee said...

I live in the chicagoland area and I have been interested in the brazilian blowout. My question is does this kind of treatment change the structure of your natural hair?I have been growing out my relaxer for 9 months but was concerned this was too similiar to a relaxer. Any suggestions is helpful.


South Loop Social Light said...

@ Trice - When styling my hair at the end of the treatment both stylists used a round brush, as this allows me to get the look of volume that I love and not a bone straight flat ironed look. The round brush is definitely not something to be afraid of. I was too, but after properly being trained on which brush to use on my hair it was a breeze. I can say that I only use a round brush when I have a Brazilian Blowout as this allows my drying time to be cut by more than 50%. Styling is so much easier. I also want to add that I don't like the look of flat ironed hair on me. So, the great thing is that having a brazilian blowout allows my hair to be able to be styled with a round brush... like a classic blow out in the salon.

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Nawtee - This treatment is basically a keratin protein treatment for your hair. An easy way to visualize it is to think of a protein layer coating each strand of your hair. The chemical composition of your hair is NOT permanently changed, but temporarily shinier, the cuticle smoother, and curls loosened a bit. Again, this is NOT permanent and only lasts about 12 weeks. Keep in mind that the more often you wash your hair, the more quickly the treatment will wear away... but the average length of time it lasts is 12 weeks. It's not like a relaxer because it's not changing the chemical makeup of your hair and no permanent changes are being made. You can look back at some of my blog posts from the 2 brazilian blowouts I got done last year. They were done about 6-7 months apart so you can see that my hair went back to its original texture with no problems. Even looking at my hair pictures from this year, after not having the blowout done in well over a year, my hair texture had no issues or permanent changes.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Really beautiful blowout! Your hair does so well with this particular treatment and I can really see the color! NICE! I am so afraid of the round brush blowout. Exactly what type of brush is used?

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Gorgeous_Puddin - Thanks! Yes, my hair loves it. I always notice more length retention and overall healthier hair. Since the curls are temporarily elongated I don't have single strand knots or tons of shedding. The round brushes that I used when my hair was shorter differs from the one I have now. I got both of them from Sally's. It's a ceramic round brush... I'll have to find the name... but I DID ask my stylist what she was using (originally back in 2010 when I got my first blowout). I'd recommend asking your stylist what they think will work best for your hair because there are SO many to choose from.

The Caribbean Diva said...

Your haie looks gorgeous! Did the treatment affect the color at all?

Cassee said...

Love your hair. My question is after the blowout would your hair go back natural?

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