Dec 7, 2011

Design Talk Webisode 2: Top Ten Tips for Renters

Interior designer Niki McNeil, and her design enthusiast bestie Tricea, are back for the 2nd webisode of Design Talk! This month the ladies are dishing their top 10 tips for renters... a topic idea yours truly suggested via twitter. One must love the power of social media. I'm very excited for this month's webisode and think it's full of great tips. In particular, I love their suggestion to paint! I think all too often renters are intimidated by the idea of painting their walls (if the landlord allows it) and their sugestion of doing the trim as well was awesome.

Since my husband and I have been on the apartment hunt, I've come across many rentals that were lacking. If there was great light, the interior was dated. Great floors, but appliances are from the 1900s lol... Location is amazing, but the carpet looks like death. Unless you have a $$$$ budget, most renters will be faced with having to find a place that has some potential and doing the work. I know that nobody wants to invest a ton of money and work into a rental property, but as Tricea said, your home should come up and greet you when you walk through the door. We spend so much time in our homes and making the space a reflection of our personalities and a true oasis of relaxation should be high on everyone's list.

I'm going to continue my rental search with an open-mind and eye for design. I'll also be sure to ask the landlord/property manager their rules on light fixtures being changed, walls being painted, and especially the trim!! My father-in-law is an electrician so it'd be nice to put him to work. I have chandellier dreams bouncing around my mind lol.

Sidebar: Peep the background of the video!! Niki's room is GORGEOUS. I need to hire her to design my space :) (once I get a space that is lol....)

So, what do you think of Design Talk? As a renter, did your favorite tip to transform a rental into your own space make their list?

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