May 29, 2011

Reality Check: Basketball Wives Season 3

It doesn't premiere until Monday night, but VH1 released the first full episode of season 3 of Basketball Wives. I must admit that I haven't watched every episode of this show, but I follow it enough to know what's going on. I had some free time Saturday so I watched the season opener and it's definitely more of the same. Viewers that love the drama will get a hefty dose as all the same players are returning for another catty season in Miami. Meeka, an actual NBA wife, is the newest addition to the cast and seems like she'll try hard to find her place in the drama.

During the premiere Evelyn touched on the fact that her stuff with Tami's husband happened 13 years ago when she was 22 yo. I can't speak for anyone else, but if I was held accountable for some of the craziness I did at 22 when I was 35 it'd be a slight mess. I totally side with Tami regarding the messy way the news came out, but a 35 yo woman is usually NOTHING like her 22 yo self... usually... HOPEFULLY! lol... I think Evelyn and Tami would make a great duo if their friendship could blossom so we shall see.

As for the other ladies - - Jennifer is spreading her wings after the divorce, Shaunie is still the queen bee, and Ashely/Susie/Royce are still being random.

Did you watch the premiere? Do you plan on watching this season?

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