May 6, 2011

Why I won't be choosing the next Netflix Movie...

Last night I finally got a chance to watch Black Swan...

Actually, Netflix sent it over a week ago, but it managed to collect dust on the counter. Nevertheless, I decided to see for myself what all the hype was about. Fast forward a few hrs later and I was left staring at my screen slightly puzzled.

Black Swan did succeed at keeping my attention. There were even times I jumped and had to look away from the screen; however, at the end of the movie I was still struggling to make sense of it all. While I grasped the overall concept of the movie, I didn't understand the amount of hype it received. The acting was good and the story line didn't lag, but I didn't end the movie thinking my socks had been blown off.

This is another instance of how annoying "hype" can be surrounding some movies. Although they may be good, when you walk into the theater with such high expectations there's little room to go anywhere but down.

Another movie I watched a few weeks ago was 127 Hours. *Deep Sigh* This movie was an utter disappointment and actually caused me to fast forward through a few parts. I had wanted to see this film and was excited when the online movie group I'm a part of selected this as their next film... though after watching this movie I was left wanting to cut my own arm off... anything to get away from the screen. I thought the movie was boring and a great example of how real events don't always translate into Hollywood thrillers. Then again, both of these movies got rave reviews from the critics and garnered academy award attention, so could it be that I'm just not drinking the right kool-aid?

My last two Netflix picks have caused my husband to put me on a "timeout" lol. I'm actually nervous to even select anymore movies because these two have been less than stellar choices. I think "The Social Network" was next in our queue, but I'll let him make the final decision... I can't handle another cinematic let down.

If anyone else saw these movies, what were your thoughts? I've been enjoying Netflix a lot lately - - just thanking my lucky stars I didn't drop $$$ seeing these things in the theater.

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