Feb 19, 2019

I want a seat at the table... #MTYRETREATCONTEST 2019

 Photo by MTY Retreat Photographers // Antonio Diaz and Moni & Adri Photography

I couldn't ignore the nagging feeling that my original #MTYRETREATCONTEST entry wasn't the best I could bring, so I sat with the questions a bit longer and filmed everything again.

The #MTYRETREATCONTEST is my opportunity to dive head first into excellence and learn and share with the best, sit at the table and leave equipped to build more seats for others. This is my master class in bringing excellence together and leaving people better than they came. This is like my version of grad school lol...

It's a big deal to be given a seat at the table for the @mtyretreat and I'm asking @myleik to invest her coin and her time into me! She only brings her best and I'm ready to match that excellence. Also, I'm the life of the party and a whole lot of fun lol... someone who can have a seat at the table and dance on it too (but like, not really because I know how to have nice things 😂) I hope these videos resonate with you all in some way ❤

Taking notes and creating an outline helped me think more deeply about each question and organize my thoughts. It was definitely a good challenge being forced to edit myself down to a 59 sec sound bite for each of the 3 videos.


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Also, for the sake of perspective and growth, here's my original #MTYRETREATCONTEST submission:

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