Dec 4, 2018

What nobody told you about getting older: Random Hairs

Why? Why didn't anyone warn me that once I got into my my 30s I'd need to mentally prepare for random hairs to sprout across my body! What in the entire hell, y'all! Like, I legit have been in low-key denial about this random hair that started appearing on my chest. I don't even remember when it first appeared, but a a few weeks ago (read: back in August when I first wrote this post and forgot to hit 'publish') I realized that 1) this hair was here to stay and 2) I wanted to research options for evicting it from my life.

In the age of Instagram I knew that options were only a few swipes away... what I didn't know was that laser hair removal is EXPENSIVE! Like, you need to secure a whole bag before you start seriously considering laser hair removal. It's definitely an investment. I also quickly was informed by those who have gotten the procedure done themselves that you don't need to lose sleep over 1 or even 5 hairs... but instead wait for a considerable amount of hair to exist to warrant the cost and multiple procedures needed to remove them.

So, for the time being I'll continue tweeze the hair whenever it rears itself, be annoyed that it's growing in the first place, and thankful more haven't seen the bat signal.

Sound Off: Have you experienced this? If so, where does your wild hair grow and how do you deal with it?

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