Sep 22, 2015

Exploring Life in Seattle's Belltown Neighborhood #627inBelltown

Life has a funny way of speaking to you...

As I sat down to start writing a post about my extreme lack of posts so far this year, I realized that my current number of posts for 2015 was 27 and it made me smile.

"Of course I have 27 posts," I laughed to myself. 

27 is not only my "number" but it constantly bombards me in everyday life. It's one of those reassuring things that I spot throughout my day... like the universe is reminding me that I matter, I'm on the right path, and to trust my decision making.

After making my 3rd neighborhood move in the Emerald City, I decided that I needed to take the molasses out of my ass and finally start writing (consistently) about my experiences. My boyfriend and I moved to Seattle at the perfect time (June 2013) just as the city was starting to bubble up with excitement and transplants. At times it has felt like we're early explorers on the frontier of something new to the rest of the world. And while Seattle isn't a new city, it managed to remain relatively untouched and low-key prior to Amazon's mass takeover. Talk about one company truly changing the entire future of a city...

Fast forward to September 2015 and I've lived in South Lake Union (snoozefest), Capitol Hill (my favorite neighborhood), and now Belltown (it's slowly growing on me)... so I decided to share my experiences in real time exploring my new neighborhood using the hashtag #627inBelltown.

Sunset Views from our new place

I'm excited to share my shenanigans, explorations, favorite places and like always, candid opinions on what it's like living in my new 'hood. I'll also be blogging in hindsight about life in South Lake Union (#627inSLU) and Capitol Hill (#627inCapitolHill).

Finally, I'll be cranking out a few YouTube videos catered to everyday life in all of these neighborhoods and my opinion on living in Seattle as a transplant, black professional, and 30-something. I've gotten a ton of questions via YouTube over the 2+ years I've lived in Seattle, so this is long overdue.

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