Aug 20, 2015

Thick Neck Thursday: Professional Choreographer Oscar Hernandez (via @Samoarico)

This Thick Neck Thursday goes out to Oscar Hernandez, the thicker than a snicker professional choreographer twerking all over your timeline.

Hernandez has been catching press since stealing the halftime show at the Arizona Rattlers (arena football) game. At first I really thought he was one of the players, but then realized he was a professional choreographer. Still, the way he threw his thickness around, stayed on count, and had technique better than the rest of the team... y'all, he's the real MVP this week. I think this is also a reminder that size doesn't have to limit you in life. He's a big dude and owning those 8-counts.

I danced and cheered in High School and one of my biggest pet peeves was watching folks 1) Not go "all out" during performances and 2) have noodle arms!!! Ugh. Noodle arms and sloppy technique make my skin crawl. Hernandez made me wanna stand up and do a slow clap as I watched him hit each move. And that slow grind/dip? Yep! He did that.

Start the video at the 0:45 mark to see Hernandez flex his dance skills and stay updated on his life force via Instagram.

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