Aug 13, 2015

Performance. Music. Art. #SamRemix (via @iheartSAM)

If you're looking for an event that will flex your artistic muscle, the Seattle Art Museum will be hosting their annual Sam Remix party next Friday, on 8/21. The event will take place at the Olympic Sculpture Park from 8p - Midnight and feature performances, live music, artist-led tours, and some art DIY. The best part? I'll be guest tweeting during the event from the Seattle Art Museum twitter account (@iheartSAM) using the official hashtag #SAMRemix! Be sure to follow along with me as I share highlights from the night.

Of course the event wouldn't be complete without food and drinks, so be sure to come equipped with CASH so you can indulge in tasty treats from Monster Dogs & POP UP (think: fancy, hipster ice cream on wheels). The venue will also have ample CASH bars. 

Note: This isn't an event where you'll get full off the food, so if you're prone to becoming hangry or can't pace yourself with drinks, please do everyone (and most importantly yourself) a favor and grab some food first. 

Tickets are $25 for non-members and $12 for members (click here to purchase).
Use PROMO CODE: twitterremix0821 to save $5
It's kinda like I'm buying you a drink, so if you use the promo code tweet me a pic of what you use that extra $5 on!

I'm currently most excited about the art performance by The Internet Cat Video Festival. I mean, cats x online videos? This is sure to be epic! Seriously you all ... I've wasted countless hours of my life indulging in online cat videos. Those "epic cat fail" video compilations give me life!

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