Jul 2, 2015

How to Groom Your Dog (Video)

It's been hot as balls in Seattle lately, with temps staying in the high 80s again this week. I'm from Chicago and used to hot, humid summers and lived in AZ for quite a few years (115 degree temps aren't strange), but Seattle is a different monster.

Why? Most apartments and some businesses don't have A/C! Like, no fucking A/C in sight. It's a sad, sad reality that you'll probably be hot as hell in your overpriced apt or favorite restaurant.

I seriously thought it was illegal to not provide A/C in apartments when I first moved here.

Anyways, with the temps so hot and the apartment so muggy, my main priority is keeping Khaleesi cool. Right now I have 2 fans in constant rotation, but I've also made it a priority to groom her.

Khaleesi's Shed Hair
Y'all -- my favorite color is black. Most of my clothes are black. However, my dog is white. My dope ass dog and all of her luxurious white hair is ALL OVER MY FUCKING APARTMENT! The struggle is real... but I love her to pieces and take pride in being a pet parent. Thus, I sacrifice my clothing and floors to make sure she's groomed and not uncomfortable during this heat wave.

Khaleesi's Hair all over my black pants

Below is a quick video showing my preferred grooming method, brush from PetCo, and trick for getting shed hair off the carpet. Take a look and let me know what you think!

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