Jul 9, 2015

Drake + a dope ass beard + 15 lbs of muscle #ThickNeckThursday

I wish I could raise up a virtual glass of the finest bubbly for Drake's Beard and new found thickness. It's actually overwhelming to take it all in. Drake + A dope ass beard + 15 to 20 lbs of muscle = the perfect summertime trilogy.

I mean, I took notice a few weeks ago and started raving to my co-workers about Drake's thickness and beard. Of course I was met with blank stares... then a few weeks later the internet is going semi-nuts because everyone is finally seeing what I've seen all along.

Somewhere in the last 6 months Drake entered the CT Fletcher school of "commanding his shit to grow" and got his #BeardSeason and #ThickNeck black card.

Wheelchair Jimmy is now fine as fuck... I don't even care if his music has declined a bit as his neck radius has increased. This is a solid investment.

Raise your glass and join me in an e-toast for Drake, his beard, and thick neck! Drake's beard is now more popular than he is lol...

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