Mar 8, 2012

Hoe into a Housewife?

Yesterday I posted about Karrine Steffans' twitter rant re: her husband, marriage, and overall feeling of frustration with his lack of, well... everything. It sparked an interesting conversation with one of my male friends who was shocked I could find anything entertainment, enjoyable, or redeeming in Steffans.

From his standpoint,  "You don't put your husband out there like that. Period. You don't allow the whole industry to run through you and be filmed and then try to get married to someone you know is not you. It's some hoe shit and all I'm seeing is 'I'm used to being a hoe and you no longer do it for me'." 

While I did agree that it was quite sloppy to air one's dirty laundry in such a public way, I have to say that everything she said was quite relatable for most women. Women have the innate ability to bite our tongues while giving someone a verbal lashing like none other.

On another note, I think her twitter rant was actually related to her latest book she's about to release, and NOT spazzing out on her husband.
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