Dec 15, 2016

Jay Ellis: Slim Thick AF (@jayrellis)

Y'all know I usually don't have love for men under 200 lbs, but I'm going to go ahead and introduce a new category called "Slim Thick Neck" because Jay Ellis deserves the title! He plays Lawrence on HBO's Insecure and his body transformation over season 1 was Amazing AF.

As documented on his IG account, he started the season at 184lbs and 13% body fat. Those stats are not shabby at all and something regular dudes (non-actors) would be more than happy to have. During the second half of the season Ellis decided to stop playing with folks and put in the work to go to 196lbs and 8% body fat. Ooooh wee! A picture is worth a thousand words.

Even though Lawrence ended Season 1 of Insecure being an emotional fuckboy (I have an entire post planned for Insecure), my eyes work and I must give credit where it's due... and homeboy earned every bit of his Glow Up! Yay for those abs, chiseled face, and thicker neck. The muscle pump in his arms is also worth admiring for a bit.

If you wanna pick his brain about the show, his body transformation or that infamous sex scene in the Season 1 finale, he'll be hosting a Facebook Live today at 630p EST.

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