May 16, 2016

Uber Everywhere... Literally (via @Uber_Sea)

I've always known I was a frequent user of Uber, but this algorithm helped get me together because y'all... I was NOT prepared to see how much money I've spent (not including credit -- which I had $300 in Uber credits, so that makes the total even HIGHER).

My grand total as of today is $2,245.50 with a total of 248 trips. 

You guys... process that! If you include my $300 credit, I've spent nearly $2500 real American dollars on freaking Uber rides. That's just catching a ride. I also have a car... which I keep parked in the garage and pay for the parking each month! Lord.

Granted, I've racked up these totals in multiple cities across the country, on vacation, etc... and it's been over a few years. Still, I am literally ubering everywhere.

With that said, when I heard the song "Uber Everywhere" it became my new jam (aside from the mention of "Kylie Jenner lips" because, obviously...) but realizing the amount of ubers I take has made me rethink my life. I've started making it a point to walk more, take the light rail (Thank God it opened!!!) and sometimes saying "nope" and keeping my butt in the house.

Uber Everywhere? If you're not a member sign up here!


Allison said...

Holy Guac! How did you get that info?

Ishea said...

@ Tripi -- I hyperlinked the algorithm so you could check. The real issue is how in the world did I rack up that much!!!

T said...

Well, on the bright side you only spent about $9 per trip. That's not bad at all. MTA is $116.50 a month, so $1398 a year... So if you've not taken public trans in 2 years, this is comparable. I'm totally doing this.

Ishea said...

@ T - Look at you swooping in with the financial breakdown!! My company pays for my public transit pass (unlimited) so that's another savings I should take into account.

Julie Lovenbury said...

Ok but what I really need to know is my Uber rating.
Also, do you think this accounts for both personal and business use if you have your account split between two cards? So many questions.

Also this is awesome, thanks for sharing!

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