Jun 9, 2015

Uniting Seattle Minorities in Tech & Creative Industries (via @hereSeattle)

I've worked in advertising for quite a number of years and for the most part I've been the only (or one of a few) minorities in the company and on my immediate team. Moving to Seattle this was even more present as I realized my new company (and city) had an even fewer number of brown faces.

At times the reality of having few people "look like me" can take its toll and make life as a Tech/Creative professional in Seattle seem daunting. In short, the struggle is real.

Founded in 2014, HERE Seattle is "an organization for minorities in creative and technical industries in Seattle, founded on the principles of empowering members through networking, philanthropic activity and enhancing industry knowledge."

A girlfriend told me about the group back in March and I had the pleasure of attending my first event in May when they hosted their "We Got the Jazz" social at the Columbia Towers. I didn't know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised! Also, if I'm keeping it 100, I was just excited to have a reason to get mildly dressed up (Seattle's version -- because I didn't rock jeans out socially like that in Chicago lol).

The founders (Seth, Andre, Eric & Todd -- 4 dapper black men) did a great job working the room and taking the time to connect with everyone who attended. From my past experiences attending social events geared toward black professionals, the event hosts have dropped the ball in making the effort to connect with folks. I could tell everyone in the room at the HERE Seattle event felt welcome and appreciated. On top of that the music was dope and the vibe was chill. It lacked the pretentiousness that can often follow young, black professionals...

Their upcoming June event will take place on Wednesday, June 17th (full details can be found by joining the group -- click here). I can officially give them my stamp of approval, but if you require seeing some receipts, check out a quick recap of their May "We Got The Jazz" event below.

HERE Seattle Presents: We Got The Jazz - 5.1.2015 from Here Seattle on Vimeo.

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