Dec 15, 2014

"You never really know what someone is going through..."

Titi Branch - Co-CEO of Miss Jessies
Titi Branch, Co-CEO of Miss Jessies
When I woke up this morning and saw news of Titi Branch, Co-CEO of Miss Jessies, having taken her own life my spirit was filled with a deep sadness. Not again. Not another one... another beautiful spirit lost to the darkness of depression. This is an illness that slowly creeps up on you, almost suffocating its victim in a deep, dark embrace of sadness and despair. It's an illness. Something you can't necessarily fight alone.

Every week it seems like we're sending out virtual condolences to someone who has tragically passed due to suicide. I'm starting to lose count of the number of times I've seen the statement "You never really know what someone is going through..." online.

Although it's an honest sentiment and something I think most people would agree with, I'm still left questioning -- what about the times you DO know what someone is going through? What do you do when you have friends and family around you who have expressed their feelings of depression, darkness, anxiety... I mean, what are you to do when you do have an inkling that someone is not okay?

While I may never fully grasp how or why a person chooses to take their own life, I do feel like I have been aware of those around me expressing their own battle with depression and dark thoughts... it just leaves me wondering what can I do? And primarily what can I do now to help them? I don't want to send out sweet words in memory of someone I love. I don't want to set up a charity to honor their memory, spirit and fight... I want to be able to champion for them while they live and breathe... give them the strength to overcome this disease which has claimed too many lives.

In this moment I feel frustrated. There are so many things occurring in the world which leave my spirit in a state of unrest... I just want to start somewhere. Help someone. I've started sharing my journey on the road to improving my emotional, physical and mental health. I have played a part in encouraging two close friends to seek out professional help. I hope I can help even more know that they don't have to travel down this road alone.

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