Dec 29, 2014

Balayage results on Natural, African-American Hair

After rocking my Indique curly sew-in for quite some time, I was ready for a hair change. It had been a while since I last had my hair professionally colored and I was feeling very curious about the new balayage technique. One of my friends and co-workers had recently raved to me about her experience, but I wasn't sure how it'd look on natural, African-American hair. Doing a google search there wasn't a ton of info, so like always... I wanted to share my experience with everyone!

Why Balayage?
I absolutely LOVE color and was started to feel rather blah about my hair. In the past when I've had color it made my curls come alive and I seriously fell in love with my curls. A friend had raved about her experience getting balayage, but I didn't know how the results would look on my natural, African-American hair. In short, it was one of those styles I lusted after on Pinterest... white girls were slaying it lol... but I didn't know if I could pull it off. Looking online there weren't many examples of black chicks rocking balayage, so I thought it'd be a great opportunity to take the plunge and share my experience.

Risk of Color Damaging my Curls?
Color is a chemical process on the hair, so there is always a chance of your hair being damaged. The appeal of balayage was the idea that I wasn't getting allover color, but instead highlighting hairs here and there. On top of that, my stylist didn't use any bleach and I was also equipped with more patience, knowledge, and resources than I had in previous years when I had my hair professionally colored. Also - - I was feeling like life was entirely too short for me to be nervous over hair color! I was taking care of my body inside and out, so why not have fun with my hair. My motto for the week: Life is short. Get the color! Lol...

I arrived at the salon with my hair detangled in 2 flat twists. I wanted to make it easier for my stylist to work with my hair, so I'd also recommend prepping your hair prior to the appointment if you also have natural curls.

Once I was in the chair, my stylist (Izzy @ Vasuda Salon in Seattle) and I discussed the color I wanted, along with me showing her the inspiration pics I pulled. I also showed her examples of what I did NOT want. Often people bring in a slew of inspiration pics for their hair appointment, but I think there is a ton of value in making sure you also show your stylist clear examples of what you would NEVER want.

I received the balayage technique over my entire head and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the process went. About 20-30 mins to apply the balayage and then another 30 mins to sit with the color and allow it to process.

Once the color was done processing we washed it all out and it was time to blow dry and flat iron my hair. I can easily create curly styles at home, so I tend to opt for straight styles when I'm at the salon. For some reason I've always struggled to recreate salon quality straight hair at home (sans the Brazilian Blowout), so I enjoy having a few days of salon straight hair.

My hair takes heat well, but getting the results to last an extended time isn't the easiest for me. I did a slightly bootleg job at wrapping my hair (without my trusty mesh wrap), so the results weren't as smooth. I took these pics the morning after in natural light to show a better look at how flawlessly my hair color blended. I wanted to keep my base color the same and naturally work the balayage highlights into my hair. I was smitten.

If you're on the fence about getting color, but itching for a change in 2015, I'd highly suggest going for balayage. You don't have to change your base color or deal with ugly roots growing out, which is a huge plus. On top of that you still get to play around with custom color and make your hair come alive.

For those in the Seattle area, please check out Vasuda Salon (I go to the Downtown Location) and ask for Izzy! She was absolutely amazing... such a talented stylist with the sweetest spirit and disposition. Tell them that I sent you


Tanaye W said...

Thank you for posting this! I'm from CT but am looking into a sew in and then a balayage for some edge. I'm having such troubles finding a stylist since my mother has always done my hair. I googled balayage for "black hair" and of course, not many photos of Black women resulted. You give me hope that I can find someone who can give me this gorg look!

Ceeeeeee said...

Thank you for the posting this! Your color is exactly the look I wanted! Will be using your picture as my balayage "do" pic for the stylist ;). As a fellow natural I appreciate you taking the time to post your experience and results --- I had the same issue as you when originally googling but am so glad I came across your post! Thanks again

Unknown said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! Thanks so much for taking the time in sharing your experience in detail. It's helped so much on whether I want to go this route.

Gio said...

Thank you so much for this! It was hard to find in depth information of balayage for African american hair. I want to end up with the same results as you but with a darker blue-green. Is that possible? What changes would have to be made to the balayage process? Will I end up having to bleach my hair?

Ishea said...

@ Gio - I'm not a professional stylist and I get all of my color done by a professional. I would highly suggest you schedule a consultation with a stylist in your area and ask them your specific questions since I'm not trained to give you a correct answer.

Mik Estoque said...

Looks really great on you! Do you mind if I ask how much it costed you? Did you go back for touch ups?

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