Nov 13, 2014

Rhinestone Floral Halter Dress (via @forever21)

 A few weeks ago I was in Chicago for a wedding and had a last minute wardrobe snafu. I had originally ordered 3 dresses from Rent the Runway, but it was just my luck that none of the dresses worked out. I didn't have enough time to send them back and get a replacement, so I headed over to F21 to see what I could find. I wanted to look nice and knew I could snag something decent last minute.

The floral top, rhinestone choker/collar, and body con skirt of the dress definitely caught my eye. I ended up going with a Large and thought the fit was pretty nice. The only downside to rocking this dress for an out of state wedding was being limited in my bra selection. It was definitely my own fault for not doing a test run around the house and seeing which bra worked best... but whatever... I tried my best to make it work.

Halfway through the wedding I had to find some safety pins and try doing cleavage damage control, along with fixing a few of the straps... dumb stuff that comes along with purchasing from F21.

All in all, the dress was $32.90 and got the job done. I liked it a lot and am going to take it to the cleaners and get the stitching fixed. I'll also take the time to figure out the right bra to wear with it for next time. If you're looking for a cute, affordable dress to rock to a wedding I'd definitely suggest it.

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