Jan 22, 2010

Beyonce: Wild Curls too "exclusive" for Print

Allure is one of my favorite magazines and when I saw their February issue featured Beyonce on the cover I had to pick it up. Online I saw that the spread featured 6 amazing shots and to my surprise, 4 of the shots showcased Beyonce with her natural curls! Finally, she was weave free and working the camera like no other. Since I've been transitioning to a head full of natural hair, I've been keeping an eye out for inspiration. Beyonce being a mega star, and rocking her natural curls, was awesome and I couldn't wait to see the pics up close in the magazine.

While out picking up some groceries I grabbed the latest issue and hurried to read the article... however, I was extremely disappointed to see that they only chose to use 2 of the shots (with her hair blown out) for the feature. Wow, out of 6 amazing shots, they only happened to choose the 2 with her hair straight. *side eye*

Some people may think I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but in the African-American community hair is such a huge issue and I was really excited to see a star of her magnitude proud of her locks and working them in a high fashion way. Allure said that they were choosing to showcase the pictures online as an added bonus, but I felt like they were hiding them in a way. I mean, the pics were gorgeous... why not show Beyonce in a way that most don't see her. We all love the glammed up Sasha Fierce... but fresh faced, natural haired Beyonce wins me over every time. For those that may pick up the February Issue of the Allure because Beyonce is on the cover, and not opt to view it online, I wanted to share the wonderful pics of her and all her wild curls since they decided they were too "exclusive" for the print edition.

Once I moved back out West, I was once again in the land of fake boobs, fake hair and fake personalities. I had to deal with seeing weaves everywhere and it did start to get to me. I was like, damn... I need to get a sew-in asap so I don't do anything drastic to my hair (chopping it off or throwing in a texturizer)... but it's really encouraging to see Beyonce rocking her wild curls. It's like, yes... you can be beautiful and with your natural hair. This is something that put a smile on my face so I hope some other ladies out there can see this and feel inspired.


Catherine said...

Shrinkage is real! I really like those natural pictures of Beyonce. I wonder if she is rocking her real hair in the straight hair pics or if it's a wig. She is cute both ways.

South Loop Social Light said...

I think it's her real hair, just blown out.

Daney said...

The bonus 4 shots were from a previous shoot back in 2002 and used in an old feature in Allure. Back when Beyonce was more into the natural state. These days Beyonce wouldn't have her natural hair out unless she's on vacation.

GorgeousPuddin said...

That's not her real hair natural or not. Beyonce was recently shown with her natural hair pulled back in a bun and the texture was nothing like that hair, The highlights also indicate weave. They make natural hair weave and dread head weave. No ma'm not her hair.

Mop Top Maven said...

I absolutely love the shots of her rocking the curly hair. I wish mainstream media would get over their obsession with pushing long bone straight hair, and fake boobs.

Chrissystina said...

Wow, is that really her hair in the curly shots? I didn't think she had any curl left after dying her real hair blonde all the time! Now, she looks FAB with curly hair, why doesn't she do it more often?! We all know you Black, honey, it's not a secret!Haha, show em that afro texture, it's gorgeous:-D

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