Feb 23, 2016

The Walking Dead: "The Next World" Season 6 Episode 10 #TheWalkingDead (Spoilers)

So, my best friend in Chicago text me about an hour ago asking if I'd watched the episode yet... which I hadn't... so I know it must be good if he's ready to discuss. Let's get into this week's shenanigans.

Thoughts while watching the show:

1. How do they have a picture of baby Judith in a frame? Is this a dream sequence? I'm so confused... but shoutout to Rick making a new belt loop. I've had to do that before.

2. And look at Michonne looking all sexy fresh out the shower. She's a beautiful woman.

3. Daryl is bae. He always looks dirty and sexy and like he could kill some food or manhandle you in the best way.

4. Everything is so calm... you just know some shit is about to go down.

5. If you had to go on a supply run roadtrip, who would you wanna be in the car with? I'd say Michonne, Daryl and Sasha... that's my dream team.

6. Rick must've gotten laid by Michonne. He's in such high spirits. Maybe he's happy he purged that toxicity out of his life that was that struggle chick and her 2 emo ass kids.

7. Michonne's locs look like they're a different color. Who was that walking into the woods?

8. Maggie is being really nice to that teen. What's her name again... Ingrid? So emo.

9. That garage door was loud as hell. I bet there are walkers in there. That truck is too good to be true.

10. So, the truck works... I wonder if they'l be able to get gas too lol...

11. They should unchain that immediately in case they need to go.

12.WHAT THE FUCK!!!  Looks like the same eyes of the teenage son who died. They should kill that guy. This is about to be another wave of Rick slipping. I don't like this guy... but let's be honest... I don't like anyone. Yeah, what the hell was that? Who the fuck cares... I don't wanna track that person. Let's get this fucking candy and get the fuck outta here.

13. Look at them getting got. At least they left their car back there, so they can go back and get that.

14. Deanna's son is pretty hot.

15. Daryl is making a lot of noise getting that soda. I wonder what's gonna happen... I hope Rick revisits old Rick and murks this dude. That'd make me happy.

16. Carl needs to get his life back together. Inid too. Or Ingrid. Or Enid. Whatever her name is.

17. Daryl and Rick are badass with their tracking skills.

18. Dang... this Jesus dude is basically a ninja.That was a dope shot. Are they really going to leave him there like that? Holy shit lol...

19. This dude is a fucking next level ninja. If he's not going to be a major part of the storyline, his entire presence is annoying. Wait, the truck is gone!!! What a fucking waste. Fuck. And the door knocked him out? And now they're fucking stuck again? Ugh... so annoying.

20. Deanna's son is on one. Wait, who is that walker? Is that his mom? Oh wow... this is really sad. Deanna actually doesn't make a terrible looking walker. Her son is really hot an thoughtful. He's a "swipe right" for sure.

21. Has anyone seen Glenn?

22. Do they have the wall back up? They seem to be chilling just fine. I wonder if that guy is gonna be a nightmare back at the camp. He's such a wild card.

23. This is a cute scene between Michonne and Rick. Rick is hot. I hope they hook up!!! Yes.... look at the black girl magic infiltrating our screens! It's gonna happen! We've all been waiting for this. Rick is a G and Michonne is about to get it. He fucking bounces from chick to chick on this damn show.

24. Holy fucking shit. Michonne and RICK!!!! I'm so fucking turned on. This is IT! Michonne you go ahead and show the world about Black Girl Magic! Beyonce is snatching wigs and getting all of us in formation! Yes... I am SO here for this right now. You slay. I slay. We all slay. Get in formation.

25. Man... that dude just came in there like that. Michonne was quick with the sword. So fucking clutch.


Feb 15, 2016

The Walking Dead: "No Way Out" Season 6 Episode 9 #TheWalkingDead (Spoilers)

Okay... so I'm so fucking thrilled that The Walking Dead is back on! I seriously can feel the adrenaline rushing through my body as the episode is about to start!!!!

Thoughts while watching the show:

1. Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) is such a bad ass... Wait, who the fuck is Neegan? Like, how do people have folks "working" for them? They're like in the zombie apocalypse and actually have minions lol.

2. Oh shit... these dudes wanna follow them back? They're gonna lead them straight to the zombie horde. Ding Dong Hell's Bells? Shit...

3. Holy shit. I thought he was about to kill them... wait, what the fuck? They all just blew up like that? What in the entire fucking hell? Holy shit... Daryl just did that. wait... what the fuck... jaw is dropped!!!! Holy shit. That scene was nuts. I'm shaking!

4. I can't believe they have to walk around with all these zombies. Shit. I wonder if that little boy is going to mess it all up.

5. I bet this is some hell of a reality check for these people who have been living behind the walls. Ugh. That little boy is still creepy as hell to me.

6. Did Sam finally grow a pair during the mid seasons break? -_- Look at him trying to be a clutch kid in the 11th hour.

7. There are so many zombies.

8. Morgan is failing miserably. They need to get him together right quick. He's full of shit.

9. "Faith without works is dead..." <--- they spoke about this verse a lot in my church growing up.

10. Here we have the teen chick having another moment lol.

11. Glenn could be a motivational speaker.

12. Denise is about to do something big. I can feel it!

13. Shit... that looks crazy when it's dark out. They're still walking around in the same area? I feel like they should be a whole HELL of a lot farther than they are.

14. That little boy Sam is about to have a fucking break down. Here we go. I'm a piece of shit because I'd let his little ass go! lol...

15. They're already talking too much. HOLY FUCKING SHIT... THEY JUST ATE THAT LITTLE BOY!!!!!!

16. Holy Shit... they got her too!!! What in the hell. Fuck. There goes Rick's bae. Dang.

17.  Come on Rick...

18. What the fuck... now this kid too!!!! Michonne is about that life. Where'd he shoot? Holy shit... did Carl just die? What in the theeeeee entireeeeee fuckkkkkking shit!!!!

19. Was that just a dream sequence? Did they really juts do this? Are they for real? Is this real life? What the fuck? Holy fucking shit....

20. Wow. The producers are really pulling out all the stops!! Shit. I can't believe that last sequence. Dang.

21. Carol is always on her own shit. Something is about to happen.

22. This is a really stressful ass day. Why is Morgan coming after her? I hope they can put aside their differences and work together.

23. I hope Carol doesn't turn around and shoot Morgan.

24.  Oh shit. Wait... Dr. Dre has braids!!! He's still there?

25. Okay, she's in real doctor mode now! I'm glad she's getting her life together.

26. I don't even understand Carl's wound? Did the bullet graze his eye?

27. No Rick!!!! Don't do it.... Lord.

28.  He's on one. Clearly they won't kill Rick on the series... but he needs to get his shit together.

29. Michonne is gonna rip him a new one when they get back in the house. He's risking everyone's life.

30. Where are they going? And where did these other people come from? I didn't realize they were all split up so much.

31. Morgan and these fucking "I'm Sorry"... like, dude... just do the shit.

32. Maggie and Glenn!!!! I hope nothing happen to Glenn. They're knocking people out this episode. I'm unable deal. they're not about to kill Glenn. I can't handle this episode.

33. This episode was worth the wait. My God... it's amazing.

34. There are so many walkers! Sheesh!!!

35. These walkers are so fucking simple! Like, shiny ball syndrome to the next level.

36. Everyone is kicking ass this episode.

37. They murked all those walkers. Dang... look at team work making the dream work!

28. Yeah. I knew Carl would still be alive. The slow finger grab is a bit cliche, but I get it lol... he's alive. He can hear his dad.

Feb 12, 2016

Tom Hardy: Thick Neck + Beard Season Excellence #ThickNeckThursday

It's safe to say I've been living under a rock because I literally JUST (re: Tuesday) found out who Tom Hardy was. Why hasn't anyone told me about him? He's magical... the perfect mix of #ThickNeck and #BeardSeason. I'm in heaven.

Stats: He's 5'9" and normally walks around at about 150lbs ... which makes me VERY sad, but thank God for Hollywood and movie roles because his weight typically ranges from 180 - 190 lbs for roles!! At his biggest he bulked up to 190lbs to play Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

Tom Hardy is peak white boy excellence and makes me think too many insane things to write in this post. I don't even want to watch his interviews because it's so refreshing to have a new thick neck, beard season crush... I can't run the risk of ruining anything. Take a look at his pics below and prepare yourself to salivate. Also, he's not on social media but there's a dope IG dedicated to him and his many pics with dogs! *swoon*

Feb 6, 2016


I went to the dog park then came home to #BeySeason in full swing! This video is amazing... watch it a few times. Allow all of the #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackLivesMatter messages to penetrate your soul. It feels so motherfucking good to see an artist and person of Beyonce's magnitude be so unapologetically BLACK and fucking MAGICAL... this video has given me all the feels.

Jan 11, 2016

Duffy your way into Monday (@BigFreedia)

So, yeah... these are the vibes for Monday! Who gives a f*ck if Mercury is still retrograde and causing problems left and right. I just finished my morning workout and I feel great! Let's claim a positive work week and usher in some good vibes with Big Freedia, the Queen Diva (you already know) and duffy our way into the week. Make Monday your Bitch.

Jan 8, 2016

Are you on Snapchat? Add me: @Six-Twentyseven

When I first heard about Snapchat I gave it a try for all of 5 minutes and was over it. Like, what the hell is this app? Why do I have to check it all the time?  I have a job and stuff to do. Who has the time for this?

Fast forward a few months later and I'm actually enjoying the app! It's nice to upload quick bites of my life and catch up with what other folks are doing. Plus it's like 15 sec clips and that's perfect for anyone with a short attention span. The icing on the cake? Shit magically disappears after 24 hours! Also -- I'm ALL for Snapchat DMs. I don't even know if they call it DMs on there, but private messages are the shit. Plus, they also disappear after a certain amount of time. Y'all this is awesome.

So yeah, I'm officially out from under my rock and snapping away! I use my Snapchat to show a more personal, vlogging style look at my life. If you enjoy my YouTube vlogs, know me in real life and want to see my randomness, or just are being nosy and have time to kill -- it's basically more of that... but shorter and without the annoying pre-rolls lol.

I follow a mix of celebs, blogger friends, and real life friends. If you're on there add me!

Snapchat: Six-Twentyseven

Jan 2, 2016

Where to go for Braids & Twists in Seattle

2.5 years after moving to Seattle I FINALLY found a braider I want to rave about! Her name is Michelle "Mimi" Lee and her hands are touched by the Lord.

Being a transplant in Seattle, the term "closed mouths don't get fed" rings very true. If you don't make the effort to reach out to people and ask questions, you can remain relatively in the dark on dope stuff in the city. This includes hairstylists. For some reason, locals will know about dope stuff, but there is zero transfer of this knowledge. This is something I've found extremely frustrating, but y'all know me -- I'm ALWAYS going to keep my ear to the streets and share the information I find.

So, when I was walking to breakfast one day and passed a woman with amazing cornrows (the style I was currently obsessing over), I had to stop her. She was really friendly and gave me the contact info for her stylist and I followed up right away.

I can be a bit judgmental when it comes to researching a business and their digital presentation online... and although Michelle is still growing hers, seeing her work in-person is what sealed the deal for me. Any reservations I had on the "look" of her Instagram page was trumped by the fact I'd seen her work in person and was sold. I wish this was uncommon, but since moving to Seattle I've seen so many small business owners struggling to promote themselves. I was (and am) excited to share my experience with Michelle, the quality of her work, and send people her way. Knowledge is nothing without sharing it.

My Experience
Michelle and I did most of our communication via Facebook (her preferred method of communication right now) and she was friendly and extremely patient with me and all my questions. I think it's very important to give a stylist as much information as possible, so I sent her pictures showing the length, size, and color of the style I wanted. I also sent her a picture of my hair so she was able to get an idea of the texture and color because I wanted an ombre look. Once we were on the same page re: the style I wanted, Michelle gave me the pricing for the style with the option of me getting the hair OR having her get the hair for me. I don't mind paying for convenience and I didn't have time (or the desire) to look for the hair, so I paid a bit more to have her get it for me.

Michelle does hair out of her home located in Burien, WA (20 mins South of downtown Seattle). She has a separate room on the first floor of her home and it's a relatively standard set-up. The chair was comfy enough and she had a movie playing. My favorite part? Her 2 adorable dogs lol. The smallest, cutest things.

Contact Info
Michelle is in the process of revamping her booking system, but for now she prefers having everything filtered through her personal Facebook page. She's a really warm person who loves connecting with potential clients before they book, so sending her a Facebook message is the perfect first step. Let her know Ishea sent you!!

Michelle's Facebook
Michelle's Instagram

Dec 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

I'm not a particularly festive person, but I had the most random dream last night. I dreamt that I was sitting in-between my grandmother's legs and she was combing my hair. Mind you, this never actually happened in real life with my grandmother while she was alive. Anyways, she was trying to tell me a story of historical significance to our family, but I woke up before she could finish and I woke up with the funniest feeling -- just instantly feeling like I needed to celebrate Christmas NOT really for myself, but as a way of honoring all of those who have left and aren't here to celebrate.

I've never bought into the commercialized hype of how materialistic Christmas has become, but the focus on family, love, and togetherness has always been important to me. There was something about waking up still feeling the warmth, security, and just overall feeling of love I had in my dream that really made me smile. And I should note that while my grandmother was alive  (maternal side) she wasn't necessarily known for her warm touch lol. I think that's why I was so blown away by the comfort I felt in my dream.

With that said, Happy holidays to everyone across the Globe using this time to reflect on their blessings, celebrate the loved ones in their lives, and turn up OR down. I woke up this morning and spent time walking the water with Khaleesi, taking in nature and meditating on the year we've had. I'm also spending my Christmas day watching Netflix/Hulu, double-fisting wine AND eggnog, and regretting on now buying more snacks when I was at the grocery store yesterday. Domino's is closed. My heart is aching lol.

Merry Christmas.

Dec 23, 2015

The Force Awakens #StarWars (No Spoilers)

During Christmas 2013, I finally decided to power through all of the Star Wars movies and see what the hype was about. It was a marathon session for sure, but I had a ton of time off work and was happy to binge watch something new.

My final verdict? The original ones (Episode IV, V & VI) were dope. The newer ones (Episode I-III) were just okay. If I was telling you about them via text, I'd probably say "meh" or "bleh" lol. Something about Hayden Christensen's acting was really distracting.

3 hr wait = eating a pizza
Anyways, I know a bunch of people are clueless as to why Star Wars is so big, don't understand the cult following, or why "Episode VII: The Force Awakens"matters. I assure you that, as a former member of the "I haven't seen Star Wars and I don't care about it at all" club, even if you are all *crickets* about the movies, you should at least give the new one a chance.

We snagged IMAX 3D tickets to Episode VII: The Force Awakens back in early November. The tickets sold out like crazy, but we got ours -- the only caveat? We would be viewing it at the Pacific Science Center IMAX which has one of the top 5 IMAX screens in the country but does NOT allow for assigned seating. Womp. That meant we had to get there EARLY if we wanted to get good seats... really good seats since we were going to see the movie in IMAX 3D. I mean, have you ever gone to see an IMAX or 3D movie and had a terrible seat? It's the worst.

So, I called the theater earlier in the day of our showing. They confirmed that the doors would open 4 hours before the show and that people had been coming around 3 hours before. She also told me to not bother coming if it was later than 2 hours before the show since it'd be so packed and the seats would more than likely suck. Shoutout to that chick and her priceless advice.

Lines = selfies
Where was I going with all of this -- the movie was really good. Go see it. Mod Pizza was clutch and held me down during the 3 hr wait. I also put 2 slices into my purse for the movie. #ThugLife lol. Oh yeah and always use the bathroom before the movie lol. I made sure to look up the movie length before it started. It was about 2.5 hrs and I knew I'd need to go ahead and break the seal before we went in.

Have you seen the movie yet? What'd you think?

Dec 17, 2015

Custom Gold Diamond Script Necklace (via @sydneyevan)

I've never bought myself a piece of expensive jewelry, but that is all about to change -- I've found the most beautiful gold jewelry that needs to be mine -- the custom diamond script necklace from Sydney Evan!

My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw her jewelry in Neiman Marcus. It was gold, gorgeous, and eclectic! I've never experienced a designer whose pieces... every single piece... resonated with me. Rosanne Karnes, the founder of the brand, is officially my jewelry spirit animal.

I've decided that I'll invest in my first piece of "fancy" jewelry in 2016. The price makes me scrunch my face up a bit -- it'll be about $1610 for my name (not including tax/shipping) -- but I can't wait! I've had 3 gold nameplate necklaces to date (5 if you count the gold bar necklaces), but I've yet to have a REAL gold, diamond necklace. This is the personification of my gold accessory dreams come to life.

To see more of Sydney Evan's gorgeous designs check out the Instagram page.




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