Feb 21, 2017

Yoga + Trap Music
Trap Vinyasa in Cap Hill 3/10

The time has finally come! The next Yoga by Biola Trap Vinyasa class will happen on Friday, March 10th at Rival Fitness in Cap Hill!

As a longtime member of Rival Fitness, I was thrilled to make the introduction between studio owner Jim Mahan and Biola. It was peak Black Excellence being able to bring together 2 dope, locally owned, BLACK brands.

Even though the event takes place in March (once Black History Month is over), it's a nod to the beauty of bringing together #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackBoyJoy to create something pretty awesome.

Tickets are dwindling for the event, so click here to grab yours now!

Feb 8, 2017

"Get Lucky" on 2/11
Nail Art, Mimosas & Cannabis
Topcoat SEA + Trichome

If you missed the Topcoat SEA nail event last weekend at Babeland, you're in luck! The dope ladies behind the nail brand (Mary Jane and Gwen) will be blessing everyone with another nail event this weekend at Trichome in the International District.

Trichome specializes in high end cannabis goods like pipes and bowls, in addition to clothes, accessories and even cologne!

Unlike the Babeland event, manicures will not be free, but instead heavily discounted at $15-$25 depending on the art you receive. Nail art will be provided by The Nail Mystic, Topcoat's Mary Jane, and my nail artist bae Impekable Nails.

Mimosas will be flowing and attendees can receive 15% off Trichome purchases. Musical vibes will be provided by DJ's MaryJane and She's Gucci.

 Image: @ItsTopCoat

Feb 7, 2017

Badwill Market:
Valentine's Day Edition 2/12

If you love supporting local businesses and buying dope shit, Badwill Market is the pop-up for you. Held monthly at The Rhino Room in Cap Hill (11th and Pine), Badwill Market is one of my favorite monthly events in Seattle and something I've regularly attended since living here.

The market was created to "provide Seattle shoppers with a unique platform to connect with local boutiques, vintage vendors, independent designers, up and coming brands and DIY artists."

This weekend's theme is "Valentine's Day" and will feature vendors slangin' apparel, vintage goods, jewelry and plants. I've copped some of my favorite chokers, plants and art from Badwill and have my eye on a few of the vendors who will be there on Sunday.

This event is 21+ and runs from noon to 5p. I recommend getting there on the earlier side so you have first pick at all of the stuff.

Feb 6, 2017

"Brown Girls"
Seattle Viewing Party 2/15

While it's a shitty time in our country, it's a great time for people of color in television and film. Brown Girls is the latest addition, showcasing the friendship between two women of color in Chicago (my hometown). I'm all about #BlackGirlMagic and women of color having our stories shared on a large platform, adding depth and balance to what can sometimes feel like an over-saturated market of bullshit reality TV.

"The near two-minute trailer introduces some of the shows leading characters, Leila, a South Asian-American writer who is seemingly trying to navigate her own sexual orientation; and her close friend Patricia, a black musician who is struggling financially, creatively, and romantically. In just a short period of time, the clip, which is guided by the sounds of Chicago native Jamila Woods, illustrates a fusion of both of the women’s backgrounds, while addressing themes of love and relationships, family and sexual orientation.

Unlike other series, Brown Girls is led by a crew of 95 percent women, people of color and/or women, according to director Sam Bailey. “When I was putting the crew together, I really focused on making sure that the people behind the camera represented the story they were telling in front of the camera,” Bailey said of handpicking the BG team. “We got on set every day and the energy was just different. You could feel it. Everyone was so invested. It was personal for them and I think that comes through in the final product.” - Vibe Magazine

The Seattle viewing party will take place on Wednesday, February 15th @ Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar in Cap Hill (11th Ave. between Pike and Pine). The event is free, but starts PROMPTLY at 6p, so make sure you head over early to snag a good seat.

Click here for more information.

Feb 3, 2017

Beyoncé Laser Show 2/10
Pacific Science Center
(via @PacSci)

... And on the 3rd day of Black History Month Beyoncé gave us a dope ass laser show at Pacific Science Center!

If you live in Seattle and have yet to experience the laser shows at Pacific Science Center, you've missed out. Tickets are only $12 and feature 60 mins of live laser projections by trained "laser artists" in their state of the art laser dome.

Little known fact: The Pacific Science Center laser dome is the largest laser theater in the world!

Beyoncé's laser show debuts Friday, February 10th at 1030p!

Click here for tickets. Also note that there is NO late seating for the laser show, so arrive at least 15-20 mins early to get a seat.

Feb 2, 2017

Get Nailed! Sexy Manicures with @ItsTopCoat and LELO

I'm a huge fan of nail art and never miss an opportunity to get a free mani, so I wanted to spread the word that @ItsTopCoat will be offering FREE manicures tomorrow night at the Get Nailed! event at Babeland in Cap Hill.

In addition to dope nail art, the event will feature complimentary bubbly, tips for the bedroom, and giveaways from luxury sex toy designer, LELO.

Little known fact: I've actually been an affiliate with LELO since March 2016! I don't know if I ever blogged about my first experience with their products, but it's actually a funny story and led to me wanting to join their affiliate team. I'll save that for another post... but their toys are gorgeous and work wonders!

The Get Nailed! event is free and doesn't require an RSVP, but manicures will be done on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. If you want the chance of getting your nails done, I'd highly suggest getting there as close to 7p as possible and adding your name to the wait list. The event will feature 4 nail artists (including my nail artist and eternal bae @ImpekableNails), so consider the wait times that may happen once the list gets full.

Feb 1, 2017

Through The Eyes of Art
2/3 @ MoPop

If you're looking for a way to celebrate Black History Month this weekend, Through the Eyes of Art will be celebrating their 4th annual show. This all ages show take place at MoPop (formerly the EMP) and kick off at 7p, featuring local vendors) before the 8p show starts.

"Presented by MoPOP and Brandkings, the city’s premier Black History Month celebration will look at the topic of building a strong black economy. Featuring a speech by CNN correspondent and Seattle native Angela Rye, live performance from Josephine Howell, and a special reunion show by Seattle hip-hop group Ghetto Chilldren. The Servant of the People Award will be presented to Ezell's Famous Chicken co-founders Lewis Rudd, Darnell Rudd, and Faye Stephens. The evening will be hosted by Isiah Anderson."

My nail artist @ImpekableNails will be showing during the vendor portion (7p-8p) and I'll be her nail art model! If you're in the area, feel free to swing by and say hi.

Tickets are $15 ($12 for MoPop Members)

For more information and tickets click here.

Jan 26, 2017

Love, Peace and Soul
Black History Month Party
via @HellaBlackHellaSeattle

The dope ladies of Hella Black Hella Seattle will be hosting a Black History month party on Saturday, February 4th -- right when we need more events to come together and partake in self-care and shenanigans, balancing out all the fuckshit Cheeto Satan is doing. The party will be held at LoveCityLove in Capitol Hill (14th and Pike) from 8p-Midnight. The cover is $2 and will feature moonshine by Dame The Bartender. If moonshine ain't for you, it's BYOB -- but drink responsibly. This event is FOR US BY US and we want to keep the foolishness to a minimum.

Click here for more info.

Jan 25, 2017

Valentine's Men's Hair Tailor

So, the world is officially going to shit faster than I can keep up, but while you're actively fighting against the injustices Cheeto Satan is implementing, self-care is a must! They say when you look good, it helps you to feel good and nobody is keeping men's vibes in order better than Thaddeus Valentine.

Valentine, owner of Valentine's Men's Hair Tailor, transforms hairlines, beards and lives in his North Seattle shop -- located in Greenwood on 80th Ave and Greenwood Ave North. I can honestly say I would've never ventured far enough North to discover this place... and it would've been my loss.

Valentine was one of the featured vendors at the Daybreak Pop-up Market I attended earlier this month and let me just start by saying I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the amount of time, technique and attention to detail he took doing my boyfriend's beard and hair cut. Y'all... it was seriously like watching an artist at work. I couldn't contain my excitement. Zero chill. All the way turnt up. I was so freaking happy.

The only downside to Valentine's that I could find is the price point. Looking at Valentine's pricing definitely made my jaw drop. Like, his prices are so damn high that my jaw not only dropped, but remained there for at least a solid 2 minutes. A traditional haircut with one of his stylists costs $80. That includes a shampoo, condition, and cut. A haircut with Valentine costs $160 and adds in a scalp massage. I'd liken it to seeing the master stylist/owner of a salon, which is understandably more expensive. Also keep in mind that Valentine has over 20 years of experience and is operating as a high-end "Men's Hair Tailor" and not your run of the mill barber shop. Still, this price point is high af and something I can easily see being a blocker to making Valentine's your go-to spot for regular hair cuts and beard maintenance, depending on budget.

Since my boyfriend was able to get his haircut and beard trim complimentary at the event (this is a huge value), he's going to use the next few weeks to see how the cut and beard grows out and how easily he can keep it up at home before needing to get it redone.

Beard service offered at Valentine's include Beard Maintenance ($25), Beard Shaping ($45), Beard Grooming ($65) and Beard Tailoring ($90). The website only breaks down what is included in the "Beard Maintenance" package, so you'd have to stop by the shop or give them a call to get the details on the other services.

Keeping it 100, I think a regular haircut with Valentine will be on the expensive side for my boyfriend, so it might be more of a special occasion situation, but I could see him regularly going for beard maintenance and learning how to maintain it in-between appointments. That's another highlight of Valentine's -- he's focused on educating his return clients on how to maintain their haircuts and beard shape-ups at home. We all know that 5 o'clock shadow gives no fucks about how high end of a fade you just got... it'll be growing out with a quickness.

Overall, I am happy I got to witness the technical magic of Valentine up close and personal. I can vouch for the quality of his work and the time he takes, and even with the high prices, I think it's a valuable splurge for the man who either has the coins or a special occasion. When my boyfriend first saw himself he goes, "My face has never looked this good..." and that's truly a testament to the magic Valentine is doing.

Valetine at work
A photo posted by Ishea (@sixtwentyseven) on

The first time he saw his haircut! He goes "Damn..." Watching his face light up was epic.
A video posted by Ishea (@sixtwentyseven) on

Bae admiring the "after" product of his haircut and beard trim with Valentine
A photo posted by Ishea (@sixtwentyseven) on

For more information check out his Website or Yelp Page for more reviews and pictures.

Jan 19, 2017

Night Shift Seattle
1/27 @ The Crocodile

One of my favorite Seattle dance parties is Night Shift SEA. They typically feature a rotating line-up of dope DJs and during their summer events (Day Shift) always have a bomb photo background. Good music and perfect selfies? What more could you ask for!

Well, this summer they moved their location from the easy-to-get-to Cap Hill, to the less poppin' Ciudad in Georgetown. While I'm not privy to what caused the change in scenery, it was a huge deterrence to going to their events. I know everyone isn't as OCD about location as I am, but Seattle traffic is gnarly, the public transit is still growing, and the further South you move your events, the less likely they are to have people attend. Again, this perspective is based on having most of my friends live close to Downtown (Belltown/Queen Anne/Cap Hill) or further North in Ballard or Fremont. Basically the opposite of out South lol.

When I saw the email go out saying Night Shift was launching again in Belltown it made me smile. They'll be at The Crocodile, which is a music venue I like in an accessible location, cheap Uber range, and surrounded by late night eateries (Rocco's for the win).

If you've never been to a Night Shift event, they feature a rotating line-up of DJs that range in sound from trap to house, but mainly having that hipster/hip-hop/alternative rap vibe that dominates the radio. The crowd is a mix of mostly 20- and early 30-somethings, artsy "cool kids" who usually post dope pics on Instagram and are mainstream, but in a rebel type of way. I've found the environment to be mainly inclusive, but there's definitely a strong "vibe" to the folks who regularly attend.

Advance tickets are currently $10 (not sure of the door price), but I'd suggest snagging a ticket if you wanna go. Their events tend to be very popular and with the move back to Belltown it's safe to assume they may sell out.

What: Night Shift
When: Friday, January 27th
Time: 9p - 2a
Where: The Crocodile / 2200 2nd Ave (Belltown)
Tickets: $10 Advance

Room 1 DJs (Showroom): Tony Snark, Emecks, HANSM JUSTIN, Stas THEE Boss, Young Strong.
Room 2 DJs (Back Bar): T.Wan B2B Hojo, Epaulets, DJ SJ, Max Taylor, Ratha

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