Aug 20, 2015

Thick Neck Thursday: Professional Choreographer Oscar Hernandez (via @Samoarico)

This Thick Neck Thursday goes out to Oscar Hernandez, the thicker than a snicker professional choreographer twerking all over your timeline.

Hernandez has been catching press since stealing the halftime show at the Arizona Rattlers (arena football) game. At first I really thought he was one of the players, but then realized he was a professional choreographer. Still, the way he threw his thickness around, stayed on count, and had technique better than the rest of the team... y'all, he's the real MVP this week. I think this is also a reminder that size doesn't have to limit you in life. He's a big dude and owning those 8-counts.

I danced and cheered in High School and one of my biggest pet peeves was watching folks 1) Not go "all out" during performances and 2) have noodle arms!!! Ugh. Noodle arms and sloppy technique make my skin crawl. Hernandez made me wanna stand up and do a slow clap as I watched him hit each move. And that slow grind/dip? Yep! He did that.

Start the video at the 0:45 mark to see Hernandez flex his dance skills and stay updated on his life force via Instagram.

Aug 19, 2015

"Hell You Talmbout?" #BlackLivesMatter (@JanelleMonae)

Not only is she gorgeous and insanely talented, but Janelle Monae manages to continuously drop dope, meaningful music and move with grace and poise that is both enviable and inspiring. In short, Janelle Monae is a breath of fresh air!

"Hell You Talmbout" is the latest release from the musician and Wondaland Records CEO, and folks are deeming it the #BlackLivesMatter protest song. The song has a powerful message and is worth a listen. Let me know what you think!

Aug 14, 2015

"Straight Outta Compton" -- a remarkable, must-see film (@ComptonMovie)

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Straight Outta Compton and the movie was awesome! I laughed. I cried. I wanted to stand up in the aisle and c-walk. I felt so many feelings, but pride was high on the list.

I was born in the mid 80s and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, so I was too young to understand N.W.A.'s impact during their prime, but the movie did a wonderful job telling the story in a captivating way. The cast of mainly newcomers allowed me to easily see them in their roles as members in N.W.A. It should also be noted that Ice Cube's son, O'Shea Jackson Jr., did a stand-out job playing the role of his dad. Nepotism was NOT at work as O'Shea proved his worth and ran with the role.

I can't speak to the overall "accuracy" of the film and what was included vs. left out, but keep in mind that they're trying to condense over 20 years of history into a roughly 2 hour film. You can only do so much. I promise that you'll enjoy the movie, find it both refreshing and timely, and walk out of the theater glad you came.

This isn't about supporting black films, but supporting the art of story telling and telling stories that NEED to be told.

A few things I walked away learning (no spoilers):

1) I didn't realize how much Ice Cube wrote! His talent is remarkable.
2) Dr. Dre was gifted from the start and blessed with the ability to really nurture the talent in himself and others.
3) Eazy-E was never a real musical talent, but he had SO much raw business talent, hustle, and personality!
4) Suge Knight was always a dusty ass dude whose only talent was the art of intimidation.

Icing on the cake? Check out the interview Kendrick Lamar (one of my favs) did with N.W.A.

Aug 13, 2015

Performance. Music. Art. #SamRemix (via @iheartSAM)

If you're looking for an event that will flex your artistic muscle, the Seattle Art Museum will be hosting their annual Sam Remix party next Friday, on 8/21. The event will take place at the Olympic Sculpture Park from 8p - Midnight and feature performances, live music, artist-led tours, and some art DIY. The best part? I'll be guest tweeting during the event from the Seattle Art Museum twitter account (@iheartSAM) using the official hashtag #SAMRemix! Be sure to follow along with me as I share highlights from the night.

Of course the event wouldn't be complete without food and drinks, so be sure to come equipped with CASH so you can indulge in tasty treats from Monster Dogs & POP UP (think: fancy, hipster ice cream on wheels). The venue will also have ample CASH bars. 

Note: This isn't an event where you'll get full off the food, so if you're prone to becoming hangry or can't pace yourself with drinks, please do everyone (and most importantly yourself) a favor and grab some food first. 

Tickets are $25 for non-members and $12 for members (click here to purchase).
Use PROMO CODE: twitterremix0821 to save $5
It's kinda like I'm buying you a drink, so if you use the promo code tweet me a pic of what you use that extra $5 on!

I'm currently most excited about the art performance by The Internet Cat Video Festival. I mean, cats x online videos? This is sure to be epic! Seriously you all ... I've wasted countless hours of my life indulging in online cat videos. Those "epic cat fail" video compilations give me life!

Jul 30, 2015

@KidFury & @Crissles coming to Seattle October 3rd (via @ThisIsTheRead)

I've been listening to Kid Fury and Crissles' podcast, "The Read" for quite some time and I am thrilled they'll be gracing Seattle with their ratchetry and judgement Saturday, October 3rd!

The Read Live! will be held in the Microsoft Auditorium at the Seattle Public Library - Central location on 4th. General Admission tickets are currently on sale for $30, while the VIP Meet & Greet tickets are already sold out.

I've already got my ticket and am brainstorming which green treats to bless Kid Fury and Crissles with! You already know the turn-up will be real, so mark your calendars, cop your tickets and get your greenery on deck.

Tickets can be purchased here:

Jul 12, 2015

Black/Latino Men needed for "Mentoring in the Moment" @HERESeattle

HERE Seattle will be taking part in the "Mentoring in the Moment" event next weekend in Capitol Hill to connect Black/Latino youth with potential big brothers and sisters. Right now the event is seeking more male volunteers to connect with the majority male kids. This is the perfect opportunity for the professional Black and Latino men of Seattle to take 2.5 hours out of their schedule and foster a relationship with kids in need. It really only takes one interaction to change the direction of someone's life, so any time that can be spent with the kids will be greatly appreciated.

Seth and Eric, two of the co-founders of HERE Seattle, can be seen in the below video giving an update on the event. For more information and to volunteer, please reach out directly to HERE Seattle via their website or Facebook Page.

Mentoring in the Moment Update from Here Seattle on Vimeo.

Jul 9, 2015

Drake + a dope ass beard + 15 lbs of muscle #ThickNeckThursday

I wish I could raise up a virtual glass of the finest bubbly for Drake's Beard and new found thickness. It's actually overwhelming to take it all in. Drake + A dope ass beard + 15 to 20 lbs of muscle = the perfect summertime trilogy.

I mean, I took notice a few weeks ago and started raving to my co-workers about Drake's thickness and beard. Of course I was met with blank stares... then a few weeks later the internet is going semi-nuts because everyone is finally seeing what I've seen all along.

Somewhere in the last 6 months Drake entered the CT Fletcher school of "commanding his shit to grow" and got his #BeardSeason and #ThickNeck black card.

Wheelchair Jimmy is now fine as fuck... I don't even care if his music has declined a bit as his neck radius has increased. This is a solid investment.

Raise your glass and join me in an e-toast for Drake, his beard, and thick neck! Drake's beard is now more popular than he is lol...

Jul 2, 2015

How to Groom Your Dog (Video)

It's been hot as balls in Seattle lately, with temps staying in the high 80s again this week. I'm from Chicago and used to hot, humid summers and lived in AZ for quite a few years (115 degree temps aren't strange), but Seattle is a different monster.

Why? Most apartments and some businesses don't have A/C! Like, no fucking A/C in sight. It's a sad, sad reality that you'll probably be hot as hell in your overpriced apt or favorite restaurant.

I seriously thought it was illegal to not provide A/C in apartments when I first moved here.

Anyways, with the temps so hot and the apartment so muggy, my main priority is keeping Khaleesi cool. Right now I have 2 fans in constant rotation, but I've also made it a priority to groom her.

Khaleesi's Shed Hair
Y'all -- my favorite color is black. Most of my clothes are black. However, my dog is white. My dope ass dog and all of her luxurious white hair is ALL OVER MY FUCKING APARTMENT! The struggle is real... but I love her to pieces and take pride in being a pet parent. Thus, I sacrifice my clothing and floors to make sure she's groomed and not uncomfortable during this heat wave.

Khaleesi's Hair all over my black pants

Below is a quick video showing my preferred grooming method, brush from PetCo, and trick for getting shed hair off the carpet. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Jun 14, 2015

Dance until the Sun Goes Down #DayShiftSEA

One of my pet peeves about the social scene in Seattle is the lack of overall promotion for events and finding out about them hella late. Throw my transplant status into the mix and well, sometimes I'm left finding out about the latest happenings moments before they start. That's the case with the #DayShiftSEA event happening today from 2p to Sunset at Captain Blacks in Capitol Hill.

Brought to you by the wonderful folks at Night Shift SEA, #DayShiftSEA is the daytime, sunshine edition of their dance party. It's a beautiful day in Seattle, so get some drinks, meet new people, and sweat your hair out!

2p to Sunset
Captain Blacks - 129 Belmont Ave. E
$10 Cover

For a sample of the sounds your ears will be blessed with...

A photo posted by Night Shift (@nightshiftsea) on

Jun 9, 2015

Uniting Seattle Minorities in Tech & Creative Industries (via @hereSeattle)

I've worked in advertising for quite a number of years and for the most part I've been the only (or one of a few) minorities in the company and on my immediate team. Moving to Seattle this was even more present as I realized my new company (and city) had an even fewer number of brown faces.

At times the reality of having few people "look like me" can take its toll and make life as a Tech/Creative professional in Seattle seem daunting. In short, the struggle is real.

Founded in 2014, HERE Seattle is "an organization for minorities in creative and technical industries in Seattle, founded on the principles of empowering members through networking, philanthropic activity and enhancing industry knowledge."

A girlfriend told me about the group back in March and I had the pleasure of attending my first event in May when they hosted their "We Got the Jazz" social at the Columbia Towers. I didn't know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised! Also, if I'm keeping it 100, I was just excited to have a reason to get mildly dressed up (Seattle's version -- because I didn't rock jeans out socially like that in Chicago lol).

The founders (Seth, Andre, Eric & Todd -- 4 dapper black men) did a great job working the room and taking the time to connect with everyone who attended. From my past experiences attending social events geared toward black professionals, the event hosts have dropped the ball in making the effort to connect with folks. I could tell everyone in the room at the HERE Seattle event felt welcome and appreciated. On top of that the music was dope and the vibe was chill. It lacked the pretentiousness that can often follow young, black professionals...

Their upcoming June event will take place on Wednesday, June 17th (full details can be found by joining the group -- click here). I can officially give them my stamp of approval, but if you require seeing some receipts, check out a quick recap of their May "We Got The Jazz" event below.

HERE Seattle Presents: We Got The Jazz - 5.1.2015 from Here Seattle on Vimeo.

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