Nov 24, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Heads Up" Season 6 Episode 7 #TheWalkingDead

I was so excited for this week's episode that shortly after the opening started I paused the TV and jumped up and down lol. I had to give myself a moment to get hyped up before I figured out what happened to Glenn...

Thoughts while watching the show...

1.Oh... they were tearing him up... that's some fucking stroke of luck to not get eaten. Look at Glenn surviving and what not underneath whatever he just crawled into.


3. Nooooooo.... I just screamed.

4. These zombies look terrible.

5. Having to look at Nicolas is pretty fucking disgusting.

6. Can we just admit that in the "real" zombie world Glenn wouldn't have survived. Sidebar: Steven Yeun is pretty damn hot.

7. What! Who the fuck is that? Enid? Why was she there? She's so emo and random. "I said heads up.." with a fucking attitude. Why is she living there? She just didn't want to be there? I'm trying to make sense of her emo ways.

8. Shit, I'd probably leave her overly emotional ass there. I'm learning that I'm more and more like Shane lol.

9. Glenn looks good with longer hair.

10. He should grow out his stache...

11. Enid is gonna fuck around and get yoked up.

12. Hasn't Glenn had enough of chasing after people. Like, dude... they're on some bs and playing childhood games. I'd keep it moving and leave her ass. Especially when you JUST had ol' dude eaten up on top of your fucking body. Like, nah... nope. All the "nopes" in the world. I'm not fucking with it.

13. Morgan and that damn stick lol...

14. Kinda funny that they're both British.

15. That blood is seeping through the walls?

16. Uhhh... Rick is trying to talk Maggie out of leaving her man behind? The fuck? Nah son... you know she's not about to leave.

17. That baby is starting to look like Shane lol (re: Judith)

18. Who is that? Ick... weird eye zombie! Gross. Oh... wait, that was the guy!! Oh, he's putting the peices of the puzzle together!

19. Cam'ron (aka Gabriel) stays on some bullshit. Like, where did he find duck tape? Wait... that's wrong. ducT tape? yes. Duct Tape... where'd he find that?

20. I think that teenage boy is gonna try and kill Rick or maybe Carl. He's gonna turn that gun on Carl... That boy is gonna fuck him up. He's gonna try and shoot that gun by himself and fuck everything up for tall of them.

21. Morgan doesn't want any fucking Oatmeal... especially when it looks like silly putty. Or slop...

22. Morgan is acting really weird. Oh wait... I forgot that Morgan let those people go. That sucks they attacked Rick. I honestly forgot about that shit. I've only been focused on Glenn.

23. I must admit that Morgan is making a very compelling argument... and I'm seriously impressed with his honesty. #AllLifeIsPrecious

24. How many zombies are in there? That's the church buckling!!! Oh no... that's gonna be crazy.

25. Rick kinda sucks right now.... and here comes Deanna and her crazy ass.

26. They have Rosita teaching them? Lol...Oooh shit! She is getting bad ass.

27. I like that they gave Rosita more lines this week. I take back what I said in #26 lol. She's putting Eugene in his place.

28. Something is about to happen. fa; <---- Screamed and jumped out of my damn skin when Glenn came up behind her.

29. Why does she have so much attitude?

30. I wouldn't know how to build anything in this world.

31. Glenn is saving souls out here in Alexandria.

32. He's going to get bullets. That little fuck. I know he's gonna fuck something up for everyone.

33. Holy shit. That guy is on that rope! This sucks. He's gonna die... actually Rick may kill him.

34. What does Morgan have up his sleeve? Who is wounded? Oh, Carol is gonna be all over it.

35. That little boy and his bowl haircut lol....

36. Is that boy going to kill Carl?

37. Oh.. the balloons. Oh shit... the church is falling.

Nov 17, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Always Accountable" Season 6 Episode 6 #TheWalkingDead

Full Disclosure: I asked a co-worker if we found anything out about Glen in this week's episode and she told me "no, but there's a nugget at the end." With that knowledge, I sat down to watch this week's episode of The Walking Dead.

I loved the visual of Daryl lying down next to his bike w/ the walker next to him... the walker looked like an alien

Thoughts while watching the show:

1. I wonder if Daryl....


2. What the fuck just happened? Who is shooting at them? OMG!!! Daryl just dropped his bike... oh no! Someone is chasing him. WHAT THE FUCK!!! Slow clap for Sasha and Abraham taking those folks out! Good job... and what the fuck is up with those folks still following Daryl? Oh my god. I can't even handle this episode. Sidebar: the gold color is gorgeous on Daryl's bike.
** Y'all I seriously screamed out loud like 5 times just now. **

2. "What the fuck dude? You can't be dropping a hog like that." - my boyfriend.

3. Has Daryl had a love interest yet? Did he get shot? I see the blood...

4. I follow Norman Reedus on IG lol... he's so damn cool to me.

5. WHAT!!!!!!!!!! They wacked the shit out of him. Dang. Who do they think he is?

6. Now they're fucking dirty. Who burned all those bodies?

7. Where are they taking him... this shit is too weird for me.

8. They're not going to kill Daryl. I just can't take him seriously because he's a ginger!

9. My heart is beating so freaking fast. OMG! Daryl just made a run for it. I literally cannot. OH! That girl must need her insulin to stay up.

10. Does Abraham technically have a high top, or nah? Lol...

11. Do you think it's stressful clearing a house? My nerves are all up in the air right now. I just can't even.

12. Ahhhh.... (just screamed at the top of my lungs!!!)

13. "Loose ends make my ass itch..." -- Abraham with the quote of the night.

14. I bet Abraham still kills that walker.

15. I think Daryl is gonna go back and give her that medicine. He has a heart.

16. What the fuck is that? Who are those people? Daryl is gonna come through as the clutch MVP this week. I don't know why they didn't give her the shot. I mean, she fell the fuck out a while ago.

17. He got bit! OH MY GOD!!! They're gonna cut his arm off just like that? Wowzers. I can't even handle it.

18. Daryl is showing how much humanity he still has by taking that insulin. That was a big thing to do.

19. But really tho... who were those people?

20. This looks like a trap. I feel like Abraham is walking into a set up. It's just too easy. Does that truck have gas? What's Abraham doing? Does he wanna get bit? He's stupid. Can he just hurry the fuck up and process whatever meltdown he's having. Shit.

21. That looks like a warning bell with the walker shaking on it.

22. WHAT! Did he just make a pass at her? Sasha snagged the ginger! He has a Hulk Hogan stache. Isn't that Spanish chick gonna be mad if Abraham starts banging Sasha? Wasn't that her man?

23. That girl got her insulin and got some hops again. She needs to slowdown running that fast.

24. "You can't be running off like that. That's the dumbest thing you could do...especially when the bitch needs insulin every 3 hrs." - my boyfriend

25.  AHHHHH!!! (screamed out loud) -- they bit the shit out of that girl! Dang... and they basically went through all of that shit with the insulin for nothing. It's crazy how fast people come and go in this version of the world.

26. Is he gonna take them back to Alexandria? Wait... what just happened? They're gonna jack him? These simple ass people. I can't believe they jacked him. I can't believe they took his shit. Man...

27. That looks like an alien on the ground. If he fell there must be a bike somewhere. What's that? Oh wow! He found a truck.

28. Oh that was Daryl. How'd he find them? He's bad ass...I hope they get back to Alexandria safely.

29. Wait, was that Glen's voice? Actually that didn't sound like Glen's voice.

Nov 10, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Now" Season 6 Episode 5 #TheWalkingDead

The level of anticipation I'm feeling as I prepare to watch this episode of Walking Dead!!!! My God... I can feel the nerves running through my body. All I can think about is Glenn and wondering if he's alive or dead. I'm like scared to even start the episode because right now he's still capable of being alive in my mind. Once I press "play" and find out what really happened, I'll be forced to come to terms with his outcome and whether or not he survived the zombie horde. Damn them for creating this show! I can't remember the last time I was so wrapped up in something.

Thoughts while watching the show:

1. Deanna looks older and older each episode. I bet the stress in real life would age you like that.

2. I wonder if the smell is bad with all those bodies. They aren't acting like it stinks. Maybe they got used to it.

3. Holy fuck balls!!!! All those zombies. (screamed aloud like 4 times lol)

4. Nope. Nope. Nope. All the nopes in the world.

5. Yeah, y'all need to reinforce those walls lol.

6. Shit just get real for these Alexandria folks.

7. Damn. 20 deep? These people looks SHOOOOOOOOOOOOK.

8. Rick is doing a lot of wishful thinking in this speech.

9. Carl must've had a growth spurt. He's tall now.

10. Deanna is such an old hag. Walking away all slow in those orthopedic shoes lol...

11. Gonna vomit looking at that blood.

12. Just burn them... don't dig graves.

13. These people bitching about food and shit. They can't survive shit. (My boyfriend in the background: "Motherfucking civilians! I hate civilians.")

14. Bruce ain't about shit. He looks like he's been on fuck shit since before the zombie apocalypse.

15. Glenn's name is on there! Oh man.... Maggie is leaving! She's gonna go find her man. Maggie has been about that life.

16. This is the easiest scene ever for Maggie to shoot. Look determined and pissed off with minimal lines. Nice

17. Apparently Deanna snapped out of whatever trance she was in. Wait... I don't know what that says. maybe she didn't lol.

18. White kids are always spazzing out on their parents lol. Deanna is gonna end up killing herself or something. I bet we see her name added to the wall by the end of the episode.

19. This punk ass kid. Carl has a gun on him. Shocked he hasn't channeled his dad yet and killed that other kid.

20. She's the most stressed out doctor ever. She makes me feel nervous.

21. Screamed at the top of my lungs when that walker came up to the window lol...

22. Those people are all gonna die by the end of the episode.

23. Walking through the sewer? Fuck no. All the fucks in the world no.

24. I wouldn't be walking down in that tunnel. He hasn't been there since the beginning? That means he doesn't know what else is down there.alsdl; <---- screamed and jumped when another walker jumped out lol. This show has me screaming like a crazy person lol.

25. Shit! I screamed again.

26. That bad ass kid is gonna push Rick over the wall. I don't trust him. I'm so suspicious of everyone.

27. I knew that chick was a lesbian.

28. They're really comfortable down there with all those walkers.

29. Oh, that kid is creepy as fuck. I'm not bringing the cookies up there. Little boy looks like he'll throw you down the stairs. Sidebar: who's giving him that fucked up haircut? Lol...

30. Deanna is fucking stupid. Yeah, she has a bit of heart but shit... stab in the head! "I wanna live. I want this place to stay standing." - Deanna

31. Where is Maggie going? Taking Glenn's name off of the wall. They can leave Nicholas' name up there. He's not coming back lol.

32. What's this chick crying about? Did Abraham not make it back? Oh wait... yeah, that's what she's probably crying about.

33. Damn, that's a lot of walkers.

34. "Finally! Let's get this dude laid. He may actually chill the fuck out and not kill nobody." - my boyfriend

35. What's Deanna doing? She's so fucking stupid. This bitch is trying to feel alive and shit. Ugh!

Nov 2, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Here's Not Here" Season 6 Episode 4 #TheWalkingDead

Have you ever been forced to carry on small talk with someone at a party while waiting in agony for the person you really wanted to walk through the door?  That's how I felt this entire episode... Like I was being forced to entertain Morgan when all I really wanted was to see Glenn walk through the door lol.

In fact they really should have called this one "The Morgan Episode" because that's all it was about. I had high hopes, but it turned into more of a "character building/backstory" episode for Morgan. Yes, Morgan... which is fine, but the entire episode I kept thinking about Glenn and wondering if he was really dead. Would we see him turned as a walker? Would he survive that zombie horde? I had so many questions and remembered Talking Dead mentioning something about viewers seeing Glenn in SOME form on episode 4, so I was holding my breath. Glenn was never addressed. In fact, the entire episode was a flashback to just how nuts Morgan was (killing anything and everything) and showed the relationship between him and the man who taught him Aikdo and "The Art of Peace." I proceeded to call this character "chubby Kevin Spacey" because I forgot the character's actual name, but dude really looked like a larger Kevin Spacey lol.

Keeping it 100, my boyfriend and I dozed off while watching this episode. Maybe because we had to watch on Amazon Prime and were counting down to Midnight when the show would post online, or the fact that the episode only featured 2 real characters (3 if you count the goat) and their long monologues. Regardless of that, the major takeaways were gaining a deeper understanding of just how nuts Morgan was and just how necessary it was for him to gain that sense of zen. I saw some people post online that this episode was "brilliant" and it made me scratch my head. Am I missing something? Brilliant? Nah... it was just okay.

Thoughts while watching the episode:

1. Morgan is really gone

2. Oooh! That dude just jumped out the fire.

3. I have to remember to give Morgan credit for being able to survive so well on his own.

4. Holy shit!!! He legit just killed dude. Wowzers.

5. "You goin'" -- scary ass Morgan. He legit just strangled this guy with his bear hands. No wonder he's so zen now.

6. That's a beautiful field.

7. That's a trap... with the goat... must be.

8. Talk and have some fallafel? Random as hell lol...

9. sfa <--- jumped out of my skin when the dude wacked him over the head lol...

10. Is that Kevin Spacey? Maybe it's Kevin Spacey's brother... they could be twins.

11. Ugh. Morgan yelling "kill me" is such Queen behavior lol... Calm the hell down.

12. "I wonder how he keeps the goat alive at night when it's dark and he's sleeping." - my boyfriend

13. So this dude is gonna be his sensei or something?

14. How does he have enough food for two people?

15. "These dudes need to be like super survivors, like on Naked and Afraid." - my boyfriend

16. Morgan is safer and eating better in there.

17. Question: If you hair was balding like that would you keep the sides? #Random

18. Holy shit. Did he just rage! Morgan needs to calm the fuck down. Dude is turnt.

19. Is he really gonna kill this guy?

20. "How the fuck does he weigh so much?" - my boyfriend on chubby Kevin Spacey.

21. Ohhh... the walker got the goat? Oh... and the goat is back to eating lol. That goat sucks.

22. Wait, they 've been burying the walkers? That's using up too much needed energy.

23. Oh man... he got bit. He's being so casual and chill about all of this.

<---- intermittently nodding off lol --------------------->

24. This W dude looks a bit like Skeet Ulrich in The Craft. Anyone else see it?

I hope the show gets back to answering more important questions that where Morgan got his sweet ninja moves next week...


Oct 26, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Thank You" Season 6 Episode 3 #TheWalkingDead

It's embarrassing to admit that I crawled out of a bed, from sleeping, to watch this week's episode as soon as it posted to Amazon Prime. With that said, this episode gave me a case of the blues. I can't believe he's gone. Like, he's really gone! I kept thinking to myself that something would happen and he could get himself out of that situation like every other time before. It didn't happen. I'm still in shock.

Sidebar: I looked at a few sites and they're all saying it's a good chance Glenn isn't dead. Nicolas' body could have fallen on top of him and been used as a shield. Another clue is that on The Taking Dead, they usually do a special segment to honor those who died during the episode. There was a lot of vague mentions when it came to Glenn. Another red flag? They nearly ALWAYS have the killed off castmates on the episode they leave. Glenn (Well, Steven Yeun) was nowhere to be found.

Thoughts while watching the episode:

1. The episode opening up with the group and the herd of walkers already has me on edge.

2. I literally cannot with this horn....

3. Ugh... and Nicolas is already having moments where he' staring off into the abyss.

4. Dr. Dre still has those braids.

5. A walker already got someone? Was that the dude who was just saying they wouldn't all make it?

6. These people are so fucking weak and annoying... already complaining about everything. My God!

7. Michonne has nice arms. Like a slightly toned down version of Angela Bassett.

8. Holy shit! Did that guy get bit? "We gotta keep moving?" Nope... WEEEEE gotta keep moving. You aren't part of that plan, sir.

9. Damn. Daryl just left like that? Wowzers...

10. This dude is kinda just being forced to walk off being shot in the foot? The other one is walking off a walker bite? They're gonna have to put him down at some point.

11. Nicolas is NOT a clutch player. They have entirely too many injured people trying to make it. This is gonna be hard.

12. Someone take Nicolas out of the front! He's not going to make it.

13. Dr. Dre has braids... and attitude!

14. Glenn, please don't be the hero! Don't have your story end on this episode. I don't think I can handle Glenn leaving tonight.

15. Nicolas is a recipe for disaster having him come. Just say no.

16. Is he about to write a letter to Maggie?

17. Rick looks sexy running down the street like that.

18. Oh no. Glenn just said "Good luck dumbass" -- they're tying it back to when he said that to him the first episode! Please don't let this be Glenn's last episode.

19. Thank you for checking Dr. Dre Michonne. She tried to channel Viola Davis. Not as strong, but she did a good job.

20. Can you hurry the fuck up Nicolas. Just like, hurry up. We don't need to hear the sad, sad story.

21. That girl is gonna knock something over and make noise.

22. Okay, Rick looks WAY less cute running down the street this time lol.

23. oh no. don't open the door.

24. *Jaw drops looking at the herd coming for Michonne

25. Okay. That girl is gone.

26. My nerves are too bad for this. Watching Michonne climb over that fence has my heart in my throat.

27. Dr. Dre is still kinda shooting like he's in Straight Outta Compton.

28. Just noticed is the 3 black people still going strong!

29. I cannot even stomach the situation Glenn is currently in. Like, have I even been watching this for longer than 20 mins? Too much. Unable to can. Nope. Nicolas is melting the fuck down.

30. I can't process what I just witnessed. Like, wait..... Glenn. Is. Gone. Really? and to go out like that? Survive ALL of this stuff and die like that? Shit.

31. afdw <---- really typed that because I nearly jumped out of my skin!! Who the fuck are the dudes in the truck? Are those wolves?

32. My heart cannot handle this episode. Holy shit.

33. Sidebar: Dope shot of Daryl hauling ass on that hog.

34. This is like the nightmare fucking episode from hell.

Oct 22, 2015

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj Halloween Costumes

So, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj just came through and snatched a few more wigs during their Tidal concert the other night. Also, this is sure to be the BFF Halloween Costume of choice next week.

If you need some additional BFF Halloween costume inspiration, check out more of the dynamic duo in action:

Oct 20, 2015

The Walking Dead: "JSS" Season 6 Episode 2 #TheWalkingDead

Can we take a moment to give Carol a slow cap for being the illest, trillest, baddest bitch in Alexandria!!! She's not only holding shit down, but she knows how to effectively turn the fuck up when it matters! Carol, you are the true MVP! Her character has grown so much from the abused, meek and mild woman in Season 1 to this kick ass, take names, then come back and kill them later chick she is today. Carol is my spirit animal. I want to be her when I grow up.

Now that my love fest for Carol is out of the way, here are my thoughts while watching episode 2:

1. She's gonna eat that turtle... yep, she ate the turtle. Extra rare.

2. JSS... okay, I get it. You love your initials. Fuck. (Later realized these weren't her initials, but short for "Just Survive Somehow" lol...)

3. Could you even begin to imagine being that young and alone in this zombie apocalyptic world! Sheesh... that has to be terrifying.

4. Carol is a sleeper cell. I like that.

5. And here we go... inspiration on how to get over your abusive dad's death from Carol! lol...

6. That's a really nice kitchen... the chick with the struggle life whose husband Rick killed.

7. Her son is in a constant state of emo.

8. Hair cuts? Teach your kid how to shoot that gun.

9. I'd hate to be the one to scrutinize the way someone looks on a big ass hd screen... but y'all Deanna looks hella old! Like she aged 10 years since last season.

10. Here comes fake Cam'ron (The Preacher). How is he keeping that white thing on his neck clean?

11. Here goes Carl getting in his feelings. Teenage love... ain't it grand lol. I hope he doesn't get as emo as his dad.

12. What the fuck!!!!!! (JAW DROPPED!!!!!)

13. She better get in that closet too! What the fuck...

14. Dude... they're just killing everyone!

15. Carl REALLY needs a hair cut.

16. Wait, these are the psycho folks carving shit into people's heads.

17. She had to do that mercy kill.

18. Oh, that's the horn.

19. "Aight." -- Morgan with the best line of the night.

20. Morgan... you DOOOOOO have to kill people. Fucking Christ. Morgan is quickly turning into a liability.

21. These people are worthless.

22. Me: Did Deanna just die? BF: Nah, she's just growing some balls.

23. Another worthless person... this fake ass doctor.

24. Carl should just let that teenage boy going through all that shit die. Let him see how long he can make it by himself.

25. She better get up off that floor.

26. Her son is going to have even MORE issues.

27. Why all this black on black VIOLENCE!!!! And no zombies in the scene. Carol is such a fucking bad ass.

28. Thank you Carol. Morgan needs to get his fucking life in order.

29. That guy must've been on like some bath salts or something. He didn't drop fast.

30. I don't think I could get used to trying to stab someone in the head.

31. I think she's gone. They better stab her before she turns.

32. They do realize she's going to turn right?

33. Well, Deanna... get over it! Everyone doesn't make it.

What were your thoughts on the episode? So far I'm really pleased with the way Season 6 is starting off. They're keeping it action packed, suspenseful, and full of shenanigans. Can't wait to see what happens next week.

Oct 14, 2015

The Walking Dead: "First Time Again" Season 6 Episode 1 #TheWalkingDead

The episode starts off with that old chick (Deanna) who runs Alexandria telling the preacher (aka "bootleg Cam'ron") that he was wrong about Rick and the crew. I can't even remember how this lady was designated the leader, but I would've ousted her episodes ago.

So the first part of the episode started off in black and white. I was enjoying the finest treats Seattle has to offer and definitely slow to connect the "past" parts of the episode being in black and white, while the colored portion of the episode were in the present.

**The full episode is available on AMC's website without any login necessary!! Major kudos to them for taking advantage of their own advertising dollars and allowing more people to watch the show. Watch the pre-roll and then enjoy the entire episode -- click here for Episode 1 **

Thoughts while watching the show:

1) Who put Eugene in charge of Gate Duty? I mean... he's such a fucking dope! Ugh... he bugs me out...

2) But not as much Dr. Dre and his fuzzy ass braids! "DR. DRE HAS BRAIDS!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

3) Wait, did Eugene just tell Dr. Dre that he respects his hair game? Lol... that's funny.

4) Would you watch the entire season in black and white? Does it make you pay attention more since you're not focused on the colors?

5) Rick's bandaids were all over the place lol...

6) That's a lot of zombies in that pit... and that kid was way too chill to have been that close to death.

7) Daryl riding up slow on that hog was the BEST freaking scene ever. He's so dope and currently my favorite character

8) Rick must've forgot that he had just killed that kid's dad... he needs to chill a bit.

9) They finally let Michonne take off that ridiculous du-rag during the town meeting.

10) Where'd they get balloons? Lol...

11) Rick was a sucker to fall that fast for the chick with the husband, 2 kids, and shit ton of problems. She was a major red flag. He needs to be watching Carl instead of chasing the P.

12) Where have they been finding all of these bullets?

13) Eugene's hungry ass was in that pantry looking for crackers lol. What a dope.

14) Boyfriend made a valid point -- Carter couldn't kill the walkers earlier, but was ready to kill Eugene? Dude... you're not believable. I need to see more people AND receipts.

15) Carter is worthless. Total lemon. Let's return him and get our money back.

16) Morgan is so shiny in these black and white scenes. He looks like he's doing the oil cleansing method or something. Shine on 100 hundred. thousand. million.

17) How did Carter get put in the front? Put that fool all the way in the back... or in the middle.

18) Carter's screaming was PAINFUL!!!!! My God. I could feel that.

19) Judith doesn't look like Rick's baby. If Laurie was still here I'd suggest asking for a test. That's Shane's baby.

20) Sasha is going to have a gnarly amount of new growth whenever she can do her hair again. It's gonna look dope.

21) Where did that horn come from? Oh man... can't wait to see what happens!

Oct 9, 2015

The cutest dog in Seattle @Khaleesi_GSD

Photo: James L.

I'm one of those annoying people who will listen to a story about your kids, then compare it to what I'm experiencing with my dog. Not only do I embrace the life of a pet parent, but I also believe wholeheartedly that my dog needs an ad campaign lol. A few days ago Khaleesi and I were in the park and approached by 2 photographers wanting to capture some images of us. I was like, "Khaleesi... this is your big moment to be a star! Don't mess this up." Armed with her favorite tennis ball and Chuckit!, I was able to hold her attention and help the photographer get some great shots.

I know everyone thinks their dog is the cutest, but I truly think Khaleesi is one of the cutest dogs in Seattle. She's beautiful, full of personality, has a tongue that gives Gene Simmons a run for his money, and her floppy ears are really working for her. Kinda like a model who works that tooth gap or insanely thick brows. Her floppy ears and long tongue are her signature looks. On top of that, her name is Khaleesi (dopest name ever) and she's basically a real life version of a dire wolf.

A big thank you to James L. for capturing all of these amazing photos of Khaleesi and I. Be sure to visit his page and see the rest of his awesome Seattle photography. Follow the latest pics of Khaleesi on her Instagram page!

Photo: James L.

Photo: James L.

Photo: James L.

Sidebar: Similar to how I got caught slipping back in March when the camera crew interviewed me while I was rocking that jacket with the stain (also walking khaleesi), this time the photographers approached me when I had a semi struggle bun and this unflattering shirt I've been meaning to throw out lol.

Oct 8, 2015

The Queen of Brows: Shaughnessy Keely #SashikoBrowGiveaway

There are a few truly amazing people doing the Lord's work here on Earth. Shaughnessy Keely is one of them. She's changing lives... one eyebrow at a time. I remember the moment I discovered Shaughnessy on Instagram (@Shaughnessy) -- I was instantly blown away and spent a solid hour looking at all of her eyebrow transformations. They were beautiful.

Long gone are the days of Eastern European struggle eyebrow tattoos. Shaughnessy and the Studio Sashiko team are using a feather stroke technique to win eyebrows for Christ and it looks bomb! The results are fantastic and look like you've just walked away from getting your brows "beat to the heavens." You walk away feeling like you have a new lease on life and can conquer the world. Also, you look 75% more trustworthy because you can't trust someone with crummy brows.

As would be expected, the wait list to get your brows done by Shaughnessy or Audrey Glass (who joined the team more recently), is impossible to get on. The last time I checked they were pretty much booked up through the rest of the Fall, each day opening up spots for 90 days out. With everyone willing to fly, drive, or do whatever they can to get to the Langley, BC studio (outside of Vancouver), it's a painful waiting game to see if you'll get an appointment. It kinda reminds me of that one episode of SATC when Samantha was trying to out wait the chicks at the restaurant to take Smith Jerrod home with her... patience is a virtue!

A few days ago Studio Sashiko announced that they'd be holding a contest with 2 winners receiving eyebrows done by either Shaughnessy or Audrey. #WontHeDoIt!!!!! I saw this and was SO excited. This would be better than winning the lottery. This is like being "chose" in the best possible way. I mean, having Shaughnessy do my brows? For Free99? And all I had to do was repost their picture, follow the pages (which I was already doing), and use the hashtag (#SashikoBrowGiveaway)... sign me up.

One of the first questions my girlfriend asked was "Do they do brows for black women?" and I don't know the answer to that, to be honest. I've looked at all of their social media and can't recall seeing a brown face, but then again I don't know if they post the brows for every client they do. Still, I feel rather confident in their work and would love to be one of the first black chicks to rock Studio Sashiko brows. Also, this is instantly a perk of living in Seattle and being in driving distance to their studio.

If you know someone in dire need of a brow transformation let them know about this contest. The winners be announced on October 10th @ Noon PDT. Good luck... and may the force be with your brows.

Added Bonus: Video Review from one of the only brow reviews I was able to find on YouTube of Shaughnessy's work.

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